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How to Remove Luke Filewalker?

What is lukefilewalker? Luke Filewalker is one of the film Star Wars’ characters whose name was used by the Avira AntiVir virus file scanning engine. It is a mandatory feature that comes together with the antivirus package, so it cannot be removed without removing the Avira AntiVir system from the SystemConfiguration window. Here’s how to […]

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How to Trace Who Sent a PrankDial?

Prank means a practical joke or a mischievous act, according to Google. Also called hoax call, crank call or phone call, it is a trick that means no harm to the receiver. Some pranks can be harmful, so jokers must mind what they prank about. Even online, there exists a prank website, Joining this website […]

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How to Cancel Dish Network Satellite Service?

Like any other company, Dish Network Satellite Service would want you, the customer, to stay on their company and with their services to you. So, before calling them for cancellation of your contract, the following steps can help you: 1) Prepare what you will say. Do you want to cancel your contract with Dish or […]

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How to Donate Robux With Friends on Roblox?

Roblox is an online game website that uses Robux as currency. Users may create their online video games or play what other online techy has created. The best thing about this game website is that one can donate Robux with friends to help his friends and other people. How to Donate Robux? Say, I am […]

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How to Contact MSNBC News?

MSNBC is owned by NBC Universal (now by Comcast) and was launched on July 15, 1996. It replaced “America’s Talking” which had broadcasted from 1994 to 1996.  MSNBC broadcasts across the United States and operates a 24-hour television news channel and a news website. And there are various ways to contact each department of MSNBC. […]

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How to Get Rid of a Runtime Error?

Sometimes we encounter “runtime error” that occurs when we are using a program or an application. They are also called syntax error, bug, or compile error. They all mean the same – the program needs to be fixed! Runtime Error Code How to fix Illegal Function Call 5 Check if the program has the latest […]

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