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5 Advantages of Using Graph Databases for Your Business

For several years, relational databases were the go-to option for many businesses. However, these days more and more companies are making the switch to graph databases. That is because graph databases have unique advantages, unlike their predecessors, to help your business succeed in today’s technological landscape. If you are interested to know the answer to […]

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Benefits of Using Video Editing Platforms

It is reasonable to state that the present era is digital, with more than half of the worldwide population migrating online. Technology, whether education, healthcare, or entertainment, has progressively paved its way. All of these sectors have been changed by technology, but the center of the cake for technology is commercial marketing. In the last […]

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Weaknesses in Identity Management and PDF DRM

Privileged user abuse and the compromise of account information, such as the one seen in the 2020 Marriott data breach, are emerging as the root causes of most of today’s data infringements. According to an insider threat survey report, over 60% of organizations consider that privileged data users pose the most significant insider data risk. […]

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