How To Save Costs as A Small Business Owner?

Unfortunately, small businesses do not boast extensive resources like larger organizations. The economy is still pretty uncertain, meaning every penny within your small business counts. The slightest shift in your expenditure in either direction could increase your productivity or cause a nose dive. As a manager or business owner, you might wonder whether you need […]

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Traditional vs. Digital Marketing: How Do They Differ?

There is a major shift from traditional marketing to the digital era. Nonetheless, that does not mean that traditional advertising is no longer effective. The primary difference is the medium used to pass the message to the audience. Traditional marketing uses newspapers and magazines, while digital marketing utilizes methods such as emails and websites. Both […]

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5 Critical Steps To Take After Getting Scammed

Scamming is now rampant more than ever as technological advancement has provided several opportunities for fraudsters to leverage. There is the wire or money fraud transfer, in which a “friend” or “lover” you met online convinces you to send money to them to help them out of a seemingly dire situation. There’s also phishing, in […]

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