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Strategies For Managing Remote Developer Teams

Management of a remote developer team can be both challenging and rewarding. If you want to expand your business and hire talented developers, developing effective management strategies should help you achieve that goal. Assure clear communication and regular meetings to address OKRs (objectives and key results) and identify bottlenecks that are in place while also […]

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6 Tips To Protect Your Computer From Malware

Did you know that over 10.4 million users become victims of malware attacks every year? In 2022 alone, 61% of organizations experienced malware attacks that propagated from employee to employee and infected their devices. Malware is the most common type of attack on individual computers, corporate networks, and mobile devices. If your computer’s performance has suddenly deteriorated […]

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Eleven Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Tech

2023 is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about what gifts your tech-savvy kids expect going into the new year. However, instead of picking up the same generic toy that everyone else’s children already have, why not spoil them with something extra special — a gift that celebrates their passion for […]

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Coding For Beginners: 7 Ways You Can Learn

What is coding? What does it have to do with computers? Coding provides a set of instructions to all the computing devices to perform the tasks. It uses different programming languages to create code. Coding is the basis of something as simple as a calculator, an address book, or as complex as face recognition doorbells. […]

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Why Do You Need An Access Control Solution?

Like most business owners, you may think of an access control solution as something only necessary for businesses with a high-security risk. However, even businesses with low-security risks can benefit from having an access control system in place. This article will explain why an access control solution is essential for any business and outline the […]

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