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Actionable HR Automation Strategies For A Small Business

Managing people is perhaps the most daunting task for business owners. Even small organizations with few employees struggle with functions like recruitment, onboarding, training, performance, payrolls, and benefits. The challenge may actually be more daunting because they cannot afford dedicated HR managers. At the same time, missing out on these processes can affect the bottom […]

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Does Working From Home Make People Happier?

The Covid-19 pandemic advanced ideas and discussions about working from home and flexible working by years. Being forced to innovate in terms of technology and remote working pushed many businesses to tap into their creative side like never before. But what about the employees? Has working from home benefitted them or are they desperate to […]

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Creating The Perfect Website: 7 Key Ways To Do It

Having a website is not only for those in the e-commerce industry, every business needs one. These days, it is not so difficult to create a site since there are several tools that you can use. Many growing businesses around the world, especially in places like New York and Hong-Kong have begun to utilize the […]

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