How To Enter Gps Coordinates In Google Maps?

Entering GPS coordinates in Google Maps is a straightforward process. First, open the Google Maps app and select “Search” from the bottom menu bar. Then, enter “GPS Coordinates” into the search field followed by your desired location’s latitude and longitude coordinates (e.g., 28.6139° N 77.2090° E).

After entering those details, hit enter or click “Go” to zoom in on your specified area of interest. You should then be able to see an interactive map with your exact location pinpointed using a red marker icon at its center point. From there you can explore further features such as nearby places of interest or directions to other destinations if desired.

  • Step 1: Open Google Maps on your device
  • Description: On your mobile phone, tablet or laptop open the web browser and type in “Google Maps” to access the application
  • Step 2: Select the search bar at the top of the screen
  • Description: The search bar is located near the top left-hand corner of the page and can be used to enter an address or coordinates that you would like to look up
  • Step 3: Enter GPS coordinates into map’s search bar
  • Description: Type in a set of GPS coordinates using either decimal degrees format (e
  • , 39°27’25” N 77°58’34” W) or degrees, minutes, seconds format (e
  • , 39 27 25 N 77 58 34 W)
  • Make sure there are no spaces between each coordinate number as it should be entered all together without any spaces or punctuation marks separating them out
  • Step 4: Press “Enter” key on your keyboard/device
  • Description : After entering in both sets of numbers press enter on your keyboard/device which will bring you directly to those exact GPS locations within Google maps

How to Enter Gps Coordinates in Google Maps Iphone

Entering GPS coordinates into Google Maps on an iPhone is quite simple. All you need to do is open the app and tap the search bar at the top of your screen. Then, type in the coordinates you have and hit “Search”.

The map will then locate those exact coordinates for you so that you can view them easily on your device.

How to Enter Coordinates in Google Maps Android

Entering coordinates in Google Maps on Android is easy and convenient. All you need to do is open the Google Maps app, touch the location icon at the top right of your screen, enter your desired coordinates into the “Search” box, and hit “Go.” The map will then automatically zoom to that exact coordinate point.

You can also share these coordinates with others via messaging apps or email by tapping on the “Share Location” button next to it.

How to Get Coordinates in Google Maps Mobile

If you need to find the exact coordinates of a location using Google Maps on your mobile device, it’s easy to do. Simply search for the location you want in the search bar and click on the location marker that appears. The coordinates will be listed next to “coordinates” at the bottom of your screen.

You can even copy them by tapping “copy” next to them or save them as a bookmark for later reference.

Latitude And Longitude of My Location Google Maps

Latitude and Longitude are the two coordinates that are used to identify any location on Earth. Google Maps has a very useful feature which allows you to find the exact Latitude and Longitude of your current location. To do this, simply open up Google Maps, click on ‘Your Location’ at the bottom right corner and then select ‘What’s here?’.

This will bring up a pop-up window with more detailed information about your location including its Latitude & Longitude coordinates.

Gps Coordinates Converter

GPS Coordinates Converter is a useful tool for converting GPS coordinates between different formats. It lets you convert latitude and longitude values in degrees, minutes, seconds (DMS) to decimal format or vice versa. Additionally, the converter can be used to transform UTM/MGRS/USNG coordinate systems into geographic coordinates and vice versa.

With this tool, you can easily convert any location’s data from one system to another with just a few clicks!

How To Enter Gps Coordinates In Google Maps?


How Do I Enter a Gps Coordinate?

Entering GPS coordinates into a navigation device requires you to first find the exact location of your desired destination. To do this, use an online search engine such as Google Maps or MapQuest and enter in the address or place name that you are looking for. When the map appears, look for a drop-down menu near the top of the page that says “Get Directions” or “Share Location” and click on it.

Once clicked, you should be able to see two text boxes labeled with latitude (lat) and longitude (lon). Enter your desired coordinates into these boxes and then press submit/enter. Your navigation device should now recognize your entered GPS coordinates and provide directions accordingly!

What App Can I Use to Enter Gps Coordinates?

There are several apps available for entering GPS coordinates. The most popular and widely used app is Google Maps, which allows you to enter precise latitude and longitude coordinates into the search bar. Other options include Apple’s Maps app, Waze, or dedicated GPS tracking apps such as MapMyRun or Geocaching.

All of these apps allow you to enter your desired GPS coordinate location manually and get directions to that spot or track your current position in real-time on a map.

Using GPS Coordinates with Google Maps (PC and Mobile Device)


In conclusion, it is easy to enter GPS coordinates in Google Maps if you are familiar with the process. With a few simple steps, you can easily find any location based on its GPS coordinates. Furthermore, you have the option of entering either decimal or degree-minute-second formats for greater precision.

Knowing how to use this feature of Google Maps can be invaluable when navigating unfamiliar terrain and locations all over the world.