How to Type a Degree Symbol on Your Keyboard?

A symbol or character that is commonly used by people from the Mathematics and Science fields is the degree symbol (°). Its symbol has consisted of a small raised circle, so-called the zero glyph.

Since this character is not available on the physical keyboard, each platform has ways on how we can get or how to type degree symbol.

Uses of Degree Symbol:

The degree symbol comes after the number it is associated with. In the geographical coordinate system, it represents the degrees of arc. In the medical field, it represents hours, temperature degree, and alcohol proof. In musical harmony, it represents diminished quality. It is also used when recording about the weather or mathematical typing equations.

Platforms and the ° degree symbol:

  • Keyboard shortcuts. For personal computers (PC) and desktop computers,(make sure the NumLock is on), then hold down the left ALT key, then type 0176. The second option is to hold down the left ALT key, then press numbers 248. Remember, this is adaptable only to pc with the numeric keyboard on the right portion of the big keyboard. It does not work together with the numbers on the top part of the keyboard with other symbols and characters.
  • The degree symbol in Word (MS Word) is found by clicking INSERT from the file menu. Choose the icon Symbol. This icon contains almost all the symbols or characters not found on the physical keyboard – the character map.
  • For Windows 8, bring up the Charms menu. This is done by moving the mouse pointer over to the upper right or lower right corner of the screen. Click Search in the Charms menu. Type Character Map in the Search box then clicks the Character Map when Search result comes out.
  • For Windows 7, from the Taskbar, click Start menu. Select All Programs. Select ProgramsAccessories, the System Tools, then, select Character Map. Once the symbols are out, select the °symbol. Press the copy button and close the Character Map. Go to the work you want to paste the °symbol into and paste it by pressing Ctrl V, the paste command in Windows.
  • For Windows laptop users, since there is no numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard, you can use the Insert Menu in MS Word. Press InsertSymbols, then navigate the symbols table and once you found the symbol you need, click Copy and then Close. Go to the file you want to insert the symbol to and paste it.
  • For iOS, hit the “1-2-3” button for the numerical keypad to show. Tap and hold the 0 (zero) key to access the degree sign. A pop-up menu will appear, and you can select the °symbol.
  • For Mac OS X, it is in the Emoji& Symbols menu. It was previously called the Special Characters menu. This menu is part of the main OS X core, so it is available on almost all applications. To use this symbol, in the menu bar, just select the Emoji and Symbols menu from the Edit menu, the character window opens. Select Math Symbols category on the left portion.
  • You can click Option+Shift+8 give you 85° and pressing Option+Kgives out 24°. You may copy the symbol from this keyboard combination then go on to your work. Paste it.
  • For Android users, switch to the number and symbols keyboard. Select the °symbol on the table.
  • For HTML programming, it is encoded as HTML ° .°

The degree symbol is universal. As long as you are using any text entry application, you can type the degree symbol as long as you know how to search and navigate the computer or mobile phones. Be it on Safari, Chrome, Word, Pages, and any other word or text processors.