How to Convert FireWire to USB?

FireWire is another electronics standard method of transferring data from a device or peripherals such as camcorders, scanners, external hard drives, or iPods to a computer or one another. Its other names are ilink and IEEE 1394, a High-Performance Serial Bus.

It works just like when we connect USB (Universal Serial Bus)to our personal computers or laptops. It offers a high transfer rate of up to 480 Mbps that is why it is popular to use in digital camcorders and external hard drives.

FireWire Connectivity

FireWire gives a single-plug-and-socket connection that can be used to connect with up to 63 different devices with data connection speed of as high as 40 Mbps. Mac computers widely used this port connection.

If we do not have a FireWire port in our pc, can we use a FireWire to USB adapter to solve the issue? NO. This connection is not sufficient to run the audio interface of FireWire.

FireWire to USB Connectivity Comparisons

Speed is the language of technology as technology evolves fast. FireWire crushes USB in terms of data speed, transfer, and data back-up. Economy wise, USB hard drives are less costly than FireWire. USB drives are more common, too.

Comparatively, USB 1.1 offered a 12 Mbps data capacity, USB 2.0 provides a maximum theoretical bandwidth of 480 Mbps while FireWire has 400 Mbps data speed capacity.USB 3.0 can transfer data at the speed of 640 Mbps or 5 gbps while FireWire came up with 800 Mbps versions.

USB connections need a personal computer as the host to transfer data. USB was primarily designed to be used for cables and mice. With the advent of USB cable Type C or USB 4.0, FireWire nears phasing out.

FireWire 400 connection is 13 percent faster than USB copying, 10 percent faster when tested at duplication, 12 percent faster when tested with 5,000 files and 18 percent more quickly in reading and writing with AJA system scores.

FireWire 800connection is 42 percent faster than USB copying, 55 percent faster when tested at duplication, 32 percent faster when tested with 5,000 files and twice as fast in reading and writing with AJA’s System Test application. FireWire connections are 4-pin and 6-pins.


Amidst the option to go with either USB or FireWire connection, it depends on the user. It depends on what gadget or personal computer brands the user prefers as some brands and models come with either USB or FireWire or both. FireWire nears extinction while USB will stay. USB is more common and less economical.