How to Write Letter E That Looks Like Backwards 3

The backwards 3 is read as Epsilon in lower case in Latin word. It also symbolizes Ampersand or the backwards 3 text. That is what the backwards letter E or backwards number 3 is called. That is a Latin letter. This is also a part of the Arabic alphabet that is read “ain” and pronounced as “eye-n” for non-Arabic speakers.

How to write letter E that looks like backwards 3?

To quickly transform code into a backwards three type “0190” on the keyboard, then press ALT-X. This will be the output if you do this- “Ɛ”. You may type it in any text application you are using, such as MS Word, Powerpoint, or Excel.

Another option you have is by inserting this backwards 3 symbol from MS Word’s INSERT Tab.

  • Set the font to standard – Arial or Times New Roman. It will show up many symbols available.
  • Click the “Insert” Tab.
  • Under the Symbol tab, select the Font to be in (normal text). Subset must be Latin Extended-B.
  • Set the rectangular box that says “from:” to Unicode (hex).
  • Under Character code, type in the box “0190”. The symbol will be shown, and you may now click INSERT for the symbol to be inserted on your typing. 


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