What is Craigslist Secret Code?

Classified ads listing websites abound on the internet, One of these ad listing websites is Craigslist. It targets the local area of the poster. And it offers a wide range of categories.

However, scammers and spambots use these categories to fool other people. That is why a secret code feature implemented by Craigslist to post in some sections. We know here more about Craigslist Secret Code.

What is Craigslist Secret Code?

For the security of site users, Craigslist uses the CAPTCHA system wherein users must re-enter the CAPTCHA code they see on their screen to make sure they are humans and not robots. The robot is another term for scammers and spambots.

Site administrators review the posts once community members flag posts. If Craigslist has checked that that they are inappropriate, they remove the post.

Craigslist Security Codes

Some categories in Craigslist are restricted. You must first register an account with Craigslist before you can post ads. When posting to personal ads, an additional security measure is set up: the Craigslist secret code.

Upon signing-in, a user will be prompted for a secret code which is sent via a cell phone number or via an automated voice call. This way, the system can confirm that you are not a spambot.

How to Avoid Online Scams?

Online people are prone to be scammed especially when it comes to money and anything that can be gained from you.

Here are some tips to be safe:

  • Deal face-to-face, either you are the buyer or the seller. It can save time and money for shipping. There is a high chance of low or bad quality of the items we order online. Actually buying the item gives us the chance to check and choose other options.
  • Money orders and certified checks issuance are a no-no! It doubles the expenses when the bank charges you for the fake transaction done on your behalf. Never wire funds!
  • Never entertain messages that say about ‘Craigslist voicemail’. They are fraudulent. There is no such thing.
  • For those unseen “for rent” places, they may actually not exist. Do not succumb to sweet promises.
  • Avoid third party agency or middleman.

In short, avoid dealing with people you have not met yet, Craigslist user or not. Do not provide personal and bank details online so you won’t be a victim of craigslist secret code scam. Craigslist is made for local dealings. So deal personally and locally!