How To Use Human Design To Help You Make A Decision?

Many people make repetitive mistakes because they need to learn about themselves well. Human Design gives a ray of hope to these people by getting them acquainted with their inner selves. It is a unique system involving science and psychology to provide information about yourself. By entering their details in a Human Design calculator, people can find a Human Design chart dedicated to them. 

Many people seek out Human Design to prevent repeating their past mistakes and make better decisions. It is the chart that gives them information about their inner selves. Usually, people need to pay more attention to understanding this chart and instead focus only on instant results. Read below how Human Design can help you make better decisions than your past self. 

Know About Human Design Chart

A Human Design chart has various fields such as authority, type, channels, etc. It is based on astrology, I Ching, and numerology. With the help of these fields, it gives information such as your strengths and weaknesses at a glance. To make a proper and assured decision, the authority inside you matters a lot. 

In simple terms, your authority in the chart implies what you should rely on to make your decisions. Every type of authority implies something different such as splenic, meaning those who make fast decisions must hear their inner voice before making a decision. Some more authority types are self-projected, ego, sacral, and emotional solar plexus. Various authority types tell you more about yourself to make better decisions.

How Can Human Design Help In Making A Decision?

Human Design, as discussed above, is a complicated field, but you can still do something to make better decisions. There is no set of rules or a dictionary; only a Human Design calculator can give you a chart showing how it helps make decisions. Read below to find out how Human Design can help make decisions.  

Believe In Intuition 

No matter the pace or who you are, intuition is the strongest out of all your feelings. It is also known as the 6th sense, which caters to the people around you and your atmosphere. When making decisions, your intuition is vital as it can hinder your thoughts or feelings about that decision. According to Human Design, it gives you more accurate insight and isn’t solely based on your prior experience, whether good or bad. 

Answers Lie Inside You 

When deciding, various doubts flood your thoughts, whether about the decision or things related to that decision. While the people around you may have more experience, one should understand that they cannot be you or in the same position as you. Thus instead of focusing on the people and your surroundings, you should listen to your inner thoughts. When you start listening to yourself, most of your queries find the answer along your thought process. 

Don’t Focus On The Benefits

A particular situation might be perfect for you because it shows you apparent signs of benefits you will receive, but that doesn’t mean that you should always take that option. Many things in your life will be beneficial for a short time and pose a more significant threat later on or vice versa. Here you should not weigh your advantages and disadvantages but focus on the future aspects of that decision. 


Human Design may be a complicated field, but its sole purpose is to help you make decisions by better understanding yourself. It is the easiest way to connect yourself to your inner thoughts and avoid past mistakes. By simply focusing on your decision-making and avoiding your past mistakes, you can find solutions to various daily problems.