How to Trace Who Sent a PrankDial?

Prank means a practical joke or a mischievous act, according to Google. Also called hoax call, crank call or phone call, it is a trick that means no harm to the receiver. Some pranks can be harmful, so jokers must mind what they prank about.

Even online, there exists a prank website, Joining this website is free. Account users can choose from various prank categories such as feeling angry or funny, annoying, scam, money, neighbor, love, politics, services, automated and technology, and even about animals and celebrities.

Prank callers can be annoying, harassing, offensive, disturbing, and make us feel unsafe. The first thought that would come to mind is how the caller got our number? Is he anyone we know? Here are the steps to trace a prank caller.

Step 01

Take note of all the prank dial incidents from every specific number – the date and time of call, the caller number and duration of the call. These can be helpful should you want to report it or file a case if the offender is traced.

Step 02

To call the person back and be connected to the caller’s voicemail, immediately dial asterisk 69 (*69) once the caller hangs up the phone.

Step 03

In case of step 2 fails, download an application that can show the identity of even the restricted phone numbers. It may have a fee, but the application can uncover the phone number’s owner.

Step 04

File a report to the local police station and the phone company to help you track down the caller.  

Safeguarding our personal information is a personal security measure. We can block our number at the Prankdial website by clicking the Block My Number option at the bottom of the screen. Act on it immediately! 

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