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How To Save Costs as A Small Business Owner?

Unfortunately, small businesses do not boast extensive resources like larger organizations. The economy is still pretty uncertain, meaning every penny within your small business counts. The slightest shift in your expenditure in either direction could increase your productivity or cause a nose dive. As a manager or business owner, you might wonder whether you need […]

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A Guide to Improving your Product Development Process

Each day brands are pulling all their strings to fine-tune and develop new solutions for the evolving customer needs. The success of a new or redefined product is largely dependent on the product development process. This is undoubtedly a critical area that deserves utmost attention because it heavily decides the future trajectory of your company. […]

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Actionable HR Automation Strategies For A Small Business

Managing people is perhaps the most daunting task for business owners. Even small organizations with few employees struggle with functions like recruitment, onboarding, training, performance, payrolls, and benefits. The challenge may actually be more daunting because they cannot afford dedicated HR managers. At the same time, missing out on these processes can affect the bottom […]

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