5 Reasons Why You Should Try Freelancing

Many people, when they think of freelancing, they think of irregular work coming in, even irregular cash flows coming in.

Some people look at freelancers and think – it’s because they haven’t got ‘real’ work – they just have to make ends meet somehow.

But for many people it is not like this at all. If you have wondered about it, even considered why you should try freelancing, here are some good reasons why it can be way to go!

Earlier we had an article about How to Start Freelancing with No Experience?, and if you have read it you would know more about Freelancing.

You Should Try Freelancing?

The reasons you should try freelancing might just be the ‘kick start’ you need to join the fast growing world of freelancers.

1. Join Because You Have A Talent that is unique!

You might not even have a qualification from a college or university. However, you might be someone who has a uniquetalent, a flair for something; you create beautiful things because you have an artistic flair.

A musical flair, cooking, writing – you might have been searching for the platform to showcase what you can do. Doing a 9-5 job is not going to allow you to bring out your hidden talents. 

2. You Need And Want More Money

It doesn’t make any difference if we make a lot of money or a little; somehow we just never feel like it’s enough.

But believe it, there are thousands of workers who are trying freelancing and thousands more who are trying alongside their ‘real’ job.

They need it to make ends meet. You’ve got nothing to lose by freelancing and working at your full time job as well. The full time job might offer you things like health insurance and other perks.

But with freelancing, you can earn extra money and keep your fulltime job, still enjoying the facilities of your full time job.

It is important though to manage your time properly because you can’t neglect your full time job to do your freelance work and the other way round.

3. Opens Up Other Opportunities

Freelancing gives you the opportunity of working on your real passion. You might be a computer programmer for instance, but deep down, you love graphic design. Freelancing will allow you to discover and develop your real passions, to be creative.

4. Fantastic To Work Wherever You Go

Sometimes you can sit in traffic for an hour waiting to get to work, but not with freelancing. You can literally work from home, saving you costs on transport, lunches and other things.

Have you got these things at home, because then freelancing can happen for you:

  • Wi-Fi connection (but you can also visit coffee shops and other public spaces to get your free internet)
  • A cell phone, and access to something like Skype
  • An email address; possibly a printer
  • And if you’re away from home, you’ve got your laptop

5. Working To Our Own Schedule

Freelancing means you’re in control of your own work and you’re earning. OK, your clients might want urgent work and you might have to meet their schedules, but it’s all up to you, you control your time and work as you see fit.


It might sound simple, like a-b-c, but freelancing isn’t just as easy as the above reasons appear. It certainly requires a bit of planning, setting up, faith and belief in what you’ve got to offer and perseverance.

You need to know how to work with time wisely, but once you’re in it, and you get the hang of it, it can be very, very rewarding. Are you ready for the bandwagon?

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