How to Cancel Disney Movie Club Membership?

Want to buy a Disney movie at a discount? Then you have to be a member of the Disney Movie Club. It is an exclusive membership program that lets a member buy discounted DVD & blue rays — ordering Disney movies used to through mail order.

With the advent of the internet, ordering is now online, too! You may access it through

How does it work?

  • You can purchase 4 movies for $1 each. Plus, free shipping.
  • A Member can purchase 5 more movies within 2 years at a regular price.
  • A featured Disney movie will be sent to a member every 4 weeks, but he can opt not to if he wishes.
  • Upon signing up, you choose either DVD or Blu Ray will be sent to you. Regular price for DVD is $19.95 & for Blu Ray, it’s $29.95.
  • New releases can only be purchased after a few months of release and not part of the signing up the deal. Good news, they will count towards the commitment.

Here are the perks for being a member of the Disney movie club:

  • In just one place, members can have access to the most extensive Disney library of movies.
  • Each month, members receive specially delivered movies.
  • There are exclusive discounts and fantastic movie deals to members.
  • Daily, there is an exclusive offer or merchandise to members as well.
  • Free shipping on member’s first order.

There are various ways to Cancel Disney Movie Club Membership should the need arises.

1) Membership agreement must be reviewed thoroughly. The number of movies to be purchased is indicated when first signing up for the club membership.

2) Five Disney movies must be purchased at regular club price of $19.95 per DVD.

3)Upon change/s to the Disney Services. Disney services are continually changing for better service to their members. Reasonable notice is given to members for such change/s. However, if a member does not approve of the change, he can request for the termination of the contract.

4) Call 1-800-362-4587. This is the Disney Movie Club toll-free hotline. A Club Cast member will answer you and assist you with the cancellation request. They are accessible Mondays through Fridays between 9am to 9pm, EST. There is no way to cancel the membership through the website You really have to call!