How to Make a Brochure on Google Docs in Two Ways?

How to Make a Brochure on Google Docs

On Google Drive, there are two ways of making a brochure using Google Docs. First is from the Template Gallery, you can download a brochure template and customize it. Utilizing templates means the fastest and the easiest way. Second, you can make a brochure from scratch. Opting for the latter, the challenges would be placing graphics, […]

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How Do I Check My Yahoo Mail Inbox?

check my yahoo mail inbox

Emails are essential in our lives, especially for our respective works. It gives fast, efficient and complete communication. It shortens time and distance between people; that is why it is so important. Accessing the internet is not a problem anymore. We can use our mobile phone’s data option to connect to the internet instantly. If there […]

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How to Reset a Desktop Background?

Desktop Background Change

Changing or resetting our desktop backgrounds is fun. Photos can look boring if they are there for a long time. Our eyes would welcome a new one most of the time.Here’s how to reset desktop backgrounds:1) Click the Start button to look for the Control Panel in your pc.OR you may use right-click option at […]

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How to Delete a Saved Username on the AOL Login Page?

AOL Login

Regular users of AOL Desktop for internet browsing, instant messaging and emailing can save sign-in time. It can be done by setting the application to remember username/ screen name. No matter how many users sign-in, all the AOL Login screen names used will be saved for future access. However, for those who access it on public […]

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How to Access a Ymail Account?


Have you wondered why we can access Ymail when we are in a yahoo website? A most common question that comes to mind is: Are yahoo mail, RocketMail and Ymail the same? The answer is YES! They are all owned by Yahoo! and the management gave Ymail and RocketMail as alternate to (yahoo-dot-com) email address […]

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How to Convert Int to String in Python?

Convert Int to String in Python

Other programming languages may implicitly typecast integers to strings when concatenating with strings. Well, Phyton does not. Phyton has a handy built-in function “str” that converts the argument passed in to a string format.Convert Int to String in PythonIn other words, “str” (string) function is used to convert int to string phyton.By converting an integer […]

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