How to Convert FireWire to USB?

Convert FireWire to USB

FireWire is another electronics standard method of transferring data from a device or peripherals such as camcorders, scanners, external hard drives, or iPods to a computer or one another. Its other names are ilink and IEEE 1394, a High-Performance Serial Bus.  It works just like when we connect USB (Universal Serial Bus)to our personal computers […]

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How do I JavaScript Update?

JavaScript Update

Are you tired of those ads that suddenly pop up on your screen and giving a call to action options?  These annoying ads and pop-ups can be avoided. Yes, they can be. Disabling JavaScript or not updating it will result to a simpler, cleaner, and faster internet experience. All we need to do is un-tick […]

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How to do Adobe Flash Player Test?

Adobe Flash Player Test

Before HTML5 was introduced in the video playing industry, Flash Player from Adobe was very much in demand. This player was used to create designs, videos, and animations. Therefore, users are required to install Flash Player for the videos to work on their pc and get the most of the internet. Adobe Flash Player Test […]

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How to Delete Steam Account?

Delete Steam Account

Have you thought of permanently deleting your steam account? Account deletion is permanent. Deleting the steam account can mean losing games that are worth hundreds to thousands of dollars that you paid for.  Your reasons to delete steam account can be because you want to free up some space or you have lost interest in […]

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How to Make a Brochure on Google Docs in Two Ways?

How to Make a Brochure on Google Docs

On Google Drive, there are two ways of making a brochure using Google Docs. First is from the Template Gallery, you can download a brochure template and customize it. Utilizing templates means the fastest and the easiest way.  Second, you can make a brochure from scratch. Opting for the latter, the challenges would be placing […]

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How Do I Check My Yahoo Mail Inbox?

check my yahoo mail inbox

Emails are essential in our lives, especially for our respective works. It gives fast, efficient and complete communication. It shortens time and distance between people; that is why it is so important.  Accessing the internet is not a problem anymore. We can use our mobile phone’s data option to connect to the internet instantly. If […]

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