How do I JavaScript Update?

Are you tired of those ads that suddenly pop up on your screen and giving a call to action options?

These annoying ads and pop-ups can be avoided. Yes, they can be. Disabling JavaScript or not updating it will result to a simpler, cleaner, and faster internet experience. All we need to do is un-tick or unselect the box that enables JavaScript and/or JavaScript update on the setting. However, disabling JavaScript provides limits to the functionality of the browsers.

Some Characteristics of JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language that is embedded in an application so they can run automatically. These scripts that are used to countercheck forms that need to be completed before a user hits the submit button.

When we visit a website, the JavaScript on that website is run automatically, and you can never know what they actually do. It leaves us vulnerable to malicious behavior and pranks on the internet.

JavaScript is passageway of the most offensive online ads behavior. They come upright or invisibly roaming the web. Many ad blocking programs have been developed and patronized by those who want to keep their privacy and security or just to lessen advertising campaigns on their pc.

However, not all effects of JavaScript are negative. Without it, we cannot play videos successfully. Playing animations will not be celebrated without it. They provide satisfaction for video viewers. Without it, most applications will be accessible.

Keeping Javascript enabled means keeping this satisfaction alive. Moreover, keeping Javascript means continuous JavaScript update!

How to Update JavaScript?

To ensure the full functionality of the Java platform, its mechanism must be regularly updated. To conveniently update it means changing Automatic Update Settings. Here’s how:

  • Search “Java” on your PC’s search bar to launch the Java Control Panel.
  • To update the Settings, click the UPDATE tab.
  • Check the checkbox that says Update Automatically. That is also the place where we can disable it should opt to.

JavaAuto Update Tool will check for updates every 5 o’clock every Monday morning. A recommending icon will appear in the notification area of the taskbar. To check the status of this update, move the cursor over the icon. Before updating, there will be a notification for you. It’s for you to choose whether to update now or update at a later time!

IF there an automatic update option, there is only a manual updating option. Manually updating it gives you the freedom when you want to update it.


  • Updated September 23, 2021
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