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How to Connect to WiFi at Starbucks for Free?

Connect to WiFi at Starbucks for Free

Starbucks is where coffee lovers meet comfortably. It offers best-tasting coffee flavors, croissants, and even free Wifi! Free amenities are given to customers who keep coming back. Yes, we can stay connected to the world even when we are outside the four corners of our home and offices. To log-in to the free Starbucks Wifi, do […]

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How to Access a RocketMail Account?

Access a RocketMail Account

Four11 Corporation created one of the first free web-based emails: It was created on October 8, 1997 and was launched to the public in the year 1996. Hotmail and Rocketmail were battling for the number 1 spot among the free webmail services for a short time.From the year 2007, Yahoo was able to acquire […]

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How to Type a Heart Symbol in Microsoft Outlook?

Heart Symbol in Microsoft Outlook

The Internet offers us various ways to do and accomplish things. Programs and applications are created to serve their specific purpose. They are programmed to served end-users’ needs. That also goes with using these applications and hardware that come with them. Since MS Outlook is not a Windows program, inserting characters such as a heart symbol […]

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How to Make a Heart Symbol On Keyboard?

Make a Heart Symbol On Keyboard

Emoticons or Emojis are icons that show feelings – anger, sadness, happiness, being in-love, and all other emotions people have. Almost all things have ways to be represented by an emoticon. But love or heart symbol is the most used one.Here’s how to make a heart on the keyboard:1) For Windows Computers. By ALT Code. […]

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How to Make AT& Your Homepage


Setting a homepage is as easy as 1-2-3 or any other website for that matter. A homepage is also called the web page, main page, default page, or website. It serves as the starting point of browsing the internet. It has consisted of hypertext and navigation buttons where you can use the mouse to navigate […]

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How to Access GoDaddy Email?

Access GoDaddy Email

The Internet offers us various ways to do things in almost everything. This is also true in accessing emails. We can either access our email via webmail, via an email client, or via an internet service provider or a web hosting provider. The emails are stored on the server of these providers. And we have […]

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