How To Track The Location Of A Verizon Wireless Cell Phone?

To track the location of a Verizon Wireless cell phone, you need to use their Family Locator service. This service requires that you have a My Verizon account. Once your account is set up, you will be able to access the Family Locator page from your computer or mobile device.

From there, you can select which devices are associated with your account and view their locations on a map. You can also set alerts for when someone arrives at or leaves certain locations and receive notifications about any changes in location. Additionally, if the phone is lost or stolen, you can use this service to help find it again by tracking its current whereabouts.

  • Log in to your Verizon Wireless account: Go to the official website of Verizon, and login with your username and password.
  • Locate phone tracking option: Once you are logged into your account, look for the “Phone Tracking” option under the Services section located on the left side of the page.
  • Choose a device: Select a device from your list of phones that have GPS enabled on them and click “Track Now”.
  • View location details: When prompted, enter an address or zip code where you want to track the phone from and click “Go” button to view its real-time location on a map along with other details like speed limit alerts, traffic updates etc, all in one single dashboard.

Verizon Family Locator

Verizon Track Phone Location

Verizon offers a service called Verizon Family Locator, which allows you to track the location of your family members’ phones. With this tool, you can easily check in on your loved ones and make sure they are safe. You can also set alerts to notify you if someone leaves or enters certain areas, allowing for greater peace of mind while they’re out and about.

How to Track a Verizon Cell Phone Location for Free Online?

If you’re looking to track a Verizon cell phone location for free online, you can use the Verizon Family Locator service. This service allows you to locate and map your family’s phones in real time, with no additional fees or charges. Additionally, this feature includes notifications when someone leaves or enters an area and even provides detailed driving history reports so that you always know where your loved ones are at any given moment.

How to Track a Verizon Phone Without Them Knowing?

Tracking a Verizon phone without the owner knowing is possible with third-party tracking apps. These trackers are legal to use and can be installed onto the target device remotely after you have access to it. Once installed, they will provide real-time updates on location and other data such as text messages, calls made and received, photos taken, websites visited, etc.

Verizon Locate My Phone

Verizon Locate My Phone is a service offered by Verizon that allows customers to locate their device in the event it’s lost or stolen. This service helps users find their device on a map and can also be used to lock, ring, or erase data from the phone remotely. In addition, Verizon Locate My Phone offers additional features such as battery status monitoring and notification settings when the device leaves a designated area.

How To Track The Location Of A Verizon Wireless Cell Phone?


Can You Track a Verizon Phone Without Them Knowing?

Yes, it is possible to track a Verizon phone without the user knowing. Verizon offers the Family Locator program which allows users to keep tabs on their family members’ whereabouts without them needing to be aware that they are being tracked. This program can provide real-time location information for up to 10 devices at once and will even send notifications if any of those devices leave designated safe zones that you have previously set up.

Additionally, there are numerous third-party applications available that allow users to monitor someone else’s device remotely with varying degrees of accuracy and features such as GPS tracking, call logs, text messages and more.

Can I Track My Kids Phone Through Verizon?

Yes, you can track your kids phone through Verizon. The carrier provides a Family Locator app that allows parents to keep tabs on the location of their child’s device. This includes real-time locations and historical tracking data so you always have an idea where your child is at any given moment.

You also receive notifications when they enter or leave designated areas like home or school. To use this tool, users simply install the app onto their device as well as their children’s devices and then link them together within the app itself.

Can You Locate an Iphone from Verizon?

Yes, you can locate an iPhone from Verizon. With the Find My app on your compatible devices, you can locate and track your lost or stolen device in real time. You’ll be able to pinpoint its exact location on a map, or use it to remotely lock and erase all data stored on the device.

Additionally, if you have a Verizon Wireless account with FamilyBase enabled, then you can also access features like geo-fencing and alerts that will notify you when your child’s phone has left a pre-defined area (such as school). So no matter what situation arises, Verizon makes sure that customers are always connected with their iPhones.

How Can I Find Someone’S Location by Their Mobile Number?

It is difficult to pinpoint an exact location of a person using their mobile number, as most cell phone companies do not allow for such tracking. However, you may be able to locate someone by their mobile number by using services such as reverse phone lookup or GPS tracking apps. Reverse phone lookup works best if the person has listed their contact information publicly and can provide accurate information about who owns the number.

Additionally, GPS tracking apps use satellite technology to track the location of any device that has enabled its GPS feature; however, this will only work if the user has enabled it on their device. It’s important to note that these methods are not foolproof and may not always give accurate results.


In conclusion, tracking the location of a Verizon Wireless cell phone is possible using a variety of methods. However, it is important to remember that each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. By researching the options available and taking into consideration all factors involved, you can find the best solution for your needs when it comes to locating a Verizon Wireless device.