How to Make a Heart Symbol On Keyboard?

Emoticons or Emojis are icons that show feelings – anger, sadness, happiness, being in-love, and all other emotions people have. Almost all things have ways to be represented by an emoticon. But love or heart symbol is the most used one.

Here’s how to make a heart on the keyboard:

1) For Windows Computers.

  • By ALT Code. Using the ALT key plus a number or numbers combination brings many characters that are not present on the physical keyboard. It was very useful, especially during those times when the mouse was not yet invented. Early computer programmers relied on these keyboard shortcuts for their special character needs. For Windows computers, press and hold the ALT key. While doing so, press the number on the right keyboard’s numeric keypad. This will give the heart sign.
  • Play while discovering other keyboard combinations. Discover for yourself other ALT characters by pressing ALT followed by 1 to 4 numbers on the numeric keypad. It will show various special characters. By doing so, you can familiarize yourself with using the ALT key.

2) For Macintosh Computers

  • Mac OX Character Palette is the collection of special characters on most Macintosh programs. Select EditSpecial Characters. You can choose the heart symbol on the list.
  • The symbol’s keyboard heart shortcut is pressing the Command+Option+T on the keyboard for Macintosh computers.
  • You can also open the character finder by pressing the Control + Command + Space key. Once it is open, you can find the heart in there.

3) On a Laptop

  • Since laptops have no separate numeric keypad, you have to use the Function (Fn) and NumLk keys, plus the ALT key and the number code for the character set to come up and be used. For a heart (♥) to appear on the cursor placement, press Function (Fn), then NumLk keys and ALT 3.Press the same keys to g back to regular keyboard characters.
  • Another method is by using copy-insert functions. Launch the MS Word application. On the main menu, click Insert. Select the Symbol icon that looks like Ω. This omega symbol icon holds all the Unicode characters present and not present in the physical keyboard. Search for the heart symbol and press Insertlocated at the lower right portion of the symbols collection. Remember always to place the cursor where you want the symbol to be placed before hitting insert. Added tip: When one of the letters or numbers on the keyboard is malfunctioning, you can alternatively use this copy-insert function to be able to use that missing or malfunctioning letter or number. Even if the keyboard is unlabeled but NumLk is on, the keypad will still work.

4) On iPhone keyboard

  • Open your mobile phone’s messaging or social media apps. In any text application that allows typing, you can insert an emoji heart. Tapping the typing area will open the keyboard. Tap the globe key, which is located at the bottom-left corner of the keyboard. Tap the Symbols icon and tap the heart. You can now insert the desired heart symbol.

There are other ways to insert heart symbol or any other symbol for that matter. We have to be familiar with how we can maximize the functions of our gadget- be it a desktop, a laptop, or a mobile phone.