How Do I Use Shift Select to Select Multiple Items?

As time goes by and we, users become familiar with using the keyboard without the help of a mouse, we tend to use different combinations of keys to do what we want to do with our files or folders. It makes life easier and work faster.

The CTRL and SHIFT Select Keys

The CTRL and SHIFT keys go together in selecting a portion of a file we do or a folder we want to manage. It is used by using SHIFT select, or press SHIFT then use the arrow keys up, down, left side or right side depending on the direction of the texts, files or folders you want to select.

Hold down CTRL and SHIFT keys at the same time while clicking. Let go of these keys once you are done selecting. All the files or folders selected will remain selected.

Using the shortcuts or combination of keys helps us finish the task faster and less time-consuming. This way, we can finish more pending jobs in so short a time, thus making us productive.

Different Functions of CTRL and SHIFT

If you want to randomly select more than one file or folder on your list, use CTRL. They are most helpful when things are not arranged. We can select the file one by one. Caution: Do not drag the mouse while holding down CTRL key because it will duplicate the files or folders. All your selected files will be affected either you want to delete, move, or copy these highlighted files or folders.

With SHIFT, it lets us select more files that are arranged or next to each other. Select the first file, hold down SHIFT key then select the last file you want to manage. Presto! In-between files will also be selected.

Other Helpful Key Combination

CTRL plus “A” means select all the files in the open folder; select all the contents of a file currently open. It is the same as clicking the “EDIT” drop-down menu and choosing “SELECT ALL”.