What Does EUC (End-User Computing) Mean on eBay?

EUC stands for End-User Computing. In computer technology term, end-user means the person using the computer program, computer application or computer software created and developed by computer programmers. Traditionally, only programmers can help achieve great results that are beneficial to the end-users.

But now, domain experts can build their own tools with the significant advantages brought about by end-user computing -management of computing resources handled automatically.

Some Common Types of End-User Computing:

Business Rules. Configuration of business rules from a user interface according to their specific needs is what business rules allow.

Analytics. Creating dashboards and reports are what the analytics tools allow.

Scripts. Designed for end-users, scripts are constrained scripting languages. An example of this is an office productivity suite that allows users to change information processing functions, such as MS Office Suite. 

Bots. These web robots are software applications that function automatically over the internet. They can do both simple and structurally repetitive tasks at the fastest rate possible. Bots can move on files undetected.       

Configuration/Software Management Configuration (SCM). These are customizable software that track and control changes in the software part of a larger disciplinary field of configuration management. What was changed, and who changed it can be tracked if something goes wrong.

Skins / Themes. This is a user-interface that can change the look and feel functionality of a device, product, or service. If an API for users is given to developing their own skins, then the application is skinnable. But of course, programmers may or may not allow end-users to create their own to differentiate the products.

Sample of skins:

  • Media Player. Media Player lets end-user to create the skins they want.
  • Navigation System in a car. Visibility and ease of use in a car is because of the many buttons on each screen with large buttons and texts.
  • Business Software such as image editing applications offers densely-packed expert skin. There are two types of business software skins:
    • The expert comes with a professional license.
    • Basic skin is an inexpensive version or student version.


  • Content Management Platforms. Also called themes, these are tools for creating websites and it offers thousands of designs to choose from.

Mods. Short for Modification, it is the alteration made by players or fans of video games in one or more aspects of the video game. 

Where can we find books about End-User Computing?

e-Bay is an online platform for sellers and buyers. This is where they meet and transact. 

There is a book entitled Contemporary Issues in End-User Computing on eBay. It is written by Mahmood M. Adam and published by IGI Global in hardcover format. Brand new price ranges from the US $29 to the US $122 plus the shipping fee to your country of residence.

It is composed of three sections. 1) Web-based end-user tools and technologies; 2) end-user computing software and trends; and 3) end-user characteristics and learning.

Today, there are programs and applications developed to make things easier and faster for us, end-users. And these changes brought about by science and invention will never end. This book is one of those helpful books to rely on euc subject matter.