How To Share A Netflix Account?

Sharing a Netflix account is easy to do. First, log into your Netflix account and select the profile you wish to share. Then, in the upper right-hand corner of any page select “Your Account & Help” and then scroll down until you see the heading “Settings”.

Under this heading, click on “Profile & Parental Controls” and then find the profile that you would like to share. Click on it and then choose “Edit” from that screen. On this screen, there will be an option for “Add Profile” which allows you to add additional accounts or profiles that can access your subscription.

Select this option, create a new username/password for the person with whom you are sharing your account with and save changes when complete. Now they have their own separate login information but will still be able to use all of your plan’s benefits!

  • Create a Netflix account: First you will need to create an account on the Netflix website or app if you don’t already have one. When creating your account, make sure to choose a unique username and password that is easy for all of the people who will be sharing the account with you to remember.
  • Invite friends/family: Once you’ve created your new Netflix account, invite any friends or family members with whom you want to share it by entering their email addresses into the “Invite Friends” section within your profile settings page on the website or in the mobile app.
  • Set up payment plan: Next, set up a payment plan that each person can contribute towards so they are responsible for paying their portion of subscription fees when they join your shared Netflix account. This can be done through PayPal, credit card payments, bank transfers etc, depending on what method works best for everyone involved in sharing this particular service.
  • Enjoy streaming!: Finally, once everyone has joined and paid their share of fees (if applicable), start streaming and enjoy!

How to Share Netflix Account With Friends (2022) | Netflix Tutorial

How to Share Netflix Account With Friends Without Giving Password?

Sharing your Netflix account with friends is a great way to save money and enjoy your favorite TV shows or movies together. Fortunately, there is a way to do this without having to share the password for your account – by setting up individual profiles on the same Netflix account. This will allow each person who shares the account access their own recommendations, watch history, and more while still allowing you all to use the same payment method.

How to Share Netflix Account With Family Members?

Sharing a Netflix account with family members is an easy way to save money and enjoy your favorite shows together. To share your account, simply create a profile for each member of the family within the same Netflix account, assign them their own unique login credentials and set parental controls if desired. This will allow each person in the household to see their personalized recommendations while keeping everyone’s viewing history separate.

How to Share Netflix Account to Another Device?

Sharing your Netflix account with others is a great way to save money and share the joy of watching movies and TV shows. To share an account, simply follow these steps: Log in to your Netflix account on a computer or mobile device, select ‘Manage Profiles’ from the menu, click ‘Add Profile’, enter the name of the person you’d like to share with, create a password for them if necessary, and then they will be able to log in using those credentials on any compatible device.

Penalty for Sharing Netflix Account

If you are caught sharing a Netflix account with someone who is not part of your family, then you could be in violation of the company’s terms and conditions. This may result in a warning or even termination of your account without refund. If Netflix suspects that an individual is using an account to stream multiple movies and TV shows simultaneously, they can monitor it and take action if necessary.

As such, it’s best to keep your shared accounts limited within your household only to avoid any potential penalties from Netflix.

How To Share A Netflix Account?


Can I Share My Netflix Account With Someone Else?

Yes, you can share your Netflix account with someone else. Most Netflix accounts allow for two to four simultaneous streams, depending on the plan you have purchased. To share your account with multiple people, simply log into your Netflix profile and navigate to the “Account” tab.

From there, click on “Manage Profiles” and add a new profile for the person you want to share it with. You will then assign them their own username and password so that they can log in without accessing yours. Once this is done, both users will be able to watch content simultaneously without interrupting each other or having any issues accessing shows or movies.

How Can I Add Someone to My Netflix Account?

You can add other users to your Netflix account so they can enjoy the same benefits as you. To do this, log into your Netflix account and click on “Manage Profiles”. From there, select the profile that you would like to add someone to and then click “Add Profile” from the drop-down menu.

You’ll be prompted for a name and email address associated with the new user’s Netflix account. Once complete, both accounts will have access to all of your shared content.

How Much Does It Cost to Share Your Netflix Account?

Sharing your Netflix account with family and friends is a great way to cut down on subscription costs. However, it’s important to note that when you share an account, each user will have their own separate profile which can be personalized according to their individual preferences. The cost of sharing an account depends on the type of plan you choose.

For example, a basic plan allows two people to watch simultaneously for $8.99 per month while the standard plan allows up to four people at once for $12.99 per month and the premium plan supports up to six users at once for $15.99 every month.

Is There a Fee for Sharing Password on Netflix?

No, there is no fee for sharing a password on Netflix. However, it’s important to remember that each account can only have up to four profiles and simultaneous streams at once. If you exceed the four stream limit or share your login with an excessive number of people, Netflix may suspend or terminate your account without warning.

Therefore, it’s best to consider carefully how many people will be using your account before deciding to share passwords with others.


In conclusion, sharing a Netflix account is an easy and cost-effective way to enjoy the streaming service with friends or family. With just a few simple steps, you can add multiple users to your account so everyone can watch their favorite shows at any time. It’s also possible to keep track of what each user has watched using the viewing activity feature on Netflix.

So why not take advantage of this great feature and start enjoying the best movies and TV shows with your loved ones?