How To Set Up A Global Tel Link Account?

Step 1: Visit the Global Tel Link website and click on the “Sign Up” button. You will need to provide basic information such as your name, address, telephone number, email address and a password of your choosing. Step 2: Choose the type of account you would like to create.

The two most popular choices are prepaid accounts and monthly accounts. Prepaid accounts allow you to purchase minutes in advance while monthly accounts require an ongoing subscription fee but offer more flexibility with call rates and features. Step 3: Enter payment information if necessary for either type of account.

Credit cards or PayPal can be used for payment depending on what is accepted by Global Tel Link at that time. Step 4: Click “Submit” after entering all required information and wait for confirmation from Global Tel Link that your account has been created successfully. You may then begin using their services right away!

  • Go to the GTL website and click on “Sign Up”: Navigate to the Global Tel Link (GTL) website,, and click on the “Sign Up” button in the upper right corner of the homepage.
  • Select account type: Select whether you are signing up for an individual or organizational account by clicking on either “Individual Account” or “Organizational Account”.
  • Enter personal information: For an individual account, enter your name, address, phone number, and email address into their respective fields in the sign-up form page that appears after selecting your account type. If you are signing up for an organizational account then provide business information such as organization name and contact details including mailing address etc.
  • Create username & password: Create a unique username along with a strong password twice to complete creating your GTL user profile successfully.
  • Read & accept terms of service : Review all Terms of Service carefully before accepting them at last step to ensure that you understand what use policies apply when using GTL services.

GTL prison tablet review.

Gtl Login

GTL Login is a secure online portal that allows inmates to access various services such as email, video visitation, and other communication applications. It provides a safe environment for inmates to keep in touch with family and friends while serving their sentences. In addition, it offers educational programs and activities to help them prepare for life after incarceration.

GTL Login also helps correctional facilities manage inmate accounts more efficiently by providing real-time data about the status of each account.

Global Tel Link Add Money

Global Tel Link Add Money is an online service that allows people to quickly and easily add money to their incarcerated loved one’s phone account. With this service, users can securely send funds using a variety of payment options including credit/debit card, PayPal, or bank transfers without having to worry about complicated forms or expensive fees. This makes it easier for individuals with limited access to banking services or those who are unable to travel long distances in order to visit the correctional facility where their loved one is located.

Global Tel Link Login

Global Tel Link (GTL) is an inmate communications provider that allows family and friends of inmates to stay in touch with their loved ones. Using GTL’s online portal, users can send messages and make deposits into the accounts of inmates. To gain access to these services, individuals must first register for a GTL login.

Once registered, they will be able to securely log in with their user name and password. With a valid account, users can start taking advantage of all the communication options offered by GTL – from prepaid phone calls to email messaging.

Add Money to Inmate Phone Account

Adding money to an inmate’s phone account is a quick and easy process. You can add funds to the account online, over the phone, or through a third-party vendor like JPay or Western Union. Funds are usually added within 24 hours of payment and can be used by inmates to make calls or purchase additional items from their facility’s commissary.

How To Set Up A Global Tel Link Account?


How Do I Create a Global Tel Link Account?

Creating a global Tel Link account is relatively straightforward. First, you’ll need to visit the Global Tel Link website and click on the “Create Account” link. Then, you’ll be asked to enter your personal information such as name, contact information and address.

Once this is completed, you will then be required to create a username and password for your new account. After that step is complete, you will receive an email with further instructions regarding setup of your new account. Finally, when all of these steps are taken care of you can now log in to your newly created global Tel Link account!

How Do I Set Up Gtl Connectnetwork?

Setting up GTL ConnectNetwork is a fairly straightforward process. First, you’ll need to create an account on the GTL ConnectNetwork website. You will then be prompted to enter personal information such as your name and address so that they can send you a secure activation code in the mail.

Once you have received and entered this code into their system, you will be able to begin setting up your account. This includes adding funds to your account, creating payment plans for calls or deposits, and selecting which phone numbers (if any) should receive calls from inmates. After this setup is complete, you are ready to make and receive calls with loved ones who are in prison using the GTL ConnectNetwork service!

How Do I Activate My Connectnetwork Account?

To activate your ConnectNetwork account, you will need to access the website and click on the “Create Account” button. You will then be asked to provide your personal information such as name, address, phone number and email address. Once this is completed, an activation code will be sent via email or text message that can be used to complete the registration process.

After entering the code into the designated field in your account page, you will have successfully activated your ConnectNetwork account and can begin using it right away!

How Do I Put Money on My Gtl Account?

Putting money on your GTL account is easy and convenient. To start, you will need to create an online account with the GTL website. Once you have created an account and logged in, locate the “Add Funds” section of your dashboard.

Enter the amount of money that you would like to add to your account and then click “Submit”. You can choose from a variety of payment options including credit/debit cards, PayPal, e-check or even cash deposits at participating retail locations. After completing the transaction successfully, the funds should be available immediately on your GTL account so that you can begin using them right away!


Setting up a Global Tel Link account is an easy and straightforward process that can be done online in just a few steps. With this new Global Tel Link account, you will be able to make calls to friends and family members who are overseas with ease. Now that you have taken the time to learn how to set up your own Global Tel Link account, you can start making international calls right away!