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Putlocker is one of the best streaming platforms, where you can watch different movies and television series. Moreover, you can download various videos of your choice and watch it when you want to watch it next.

At a time, the channels were shut down and many people were not able to watch the favorite films of their choice. Because of the inability to gain access to their website, many people have to look for the alternative. Incidentally, there are lots of alternatives out there for you.

You can check the various alternatives offered to you here and use any of them to watch films, television series, and most importantly, you can download videos of your choice.

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker is one of the most popular platforms for the streaming of best movies free to fans. The site is located in the UK but you can gain access to the website from all parts of the world. They offer different kinds of movies including action movies, documentary, drama, and television series.

The station works 24/7 and you can get any movie of your choice. One of the great things about the site is that the movies cover all genres. There is no end to the number of films you can watch from the site. Moreover, it is such arranged such that you can easily get to the movie you want to watch without difficulties.

Safe methods to watch online movies

You can watch online movies and you must ensure that you are safe while watching it. To be safe means that the movie site will not be damage to your system with viruses. This is one of the dangers users encounter in such a site. The possibility of encountering viruses is always there.

Before you start to access that site, you must ensure that you do not expose your PC or your smartphone or any of the devices you want to watch the video. If you want to download videos, you must also use strong antivirus to ensure that you do not download any film that can damage your system.

This is very important, especially if you want to gain access to a free website like most of them that are recommended here.

Furthermore, to ensure that you stay safe, you must ensure that you read the site’s policies and do not go contra to the rules put in place. Ensure that you do not break any rule you can get prosecuted if you go against the rules.

Top 20 Best Putlocker Alternatives



123Movies is one of the best alternatives for Putlocker movies. This is one of the oldest in the industry and they have their domain changed many times. When it comes to experience, they have been there for many years, and this counts for their experience. They have various programs such as television shows and movies of different genres. You can get all kinds of movie releases from them. In the same way, they can boast of different drama episodes. The best thing you are going to like here is the way they layout the page. It is user friendly and you do not find it hard to get the category you want.

Websites: https://123moviesweb.net/https://www.123movies.gdn/https://www1.123moviespack.com/



Yesmovies is another wonderful movie website. The design is great and you can get all kinds of films you desire from them. The straightforward layout makes it easy to choose the content you want to watch. You can explore what they have in stock and you do not find it hard to explore them. They offer content on various genres and categories.

The search function is another great feature that you can use to locate any movie of your choice. If you want to download as many videos as you like, you can always consider this website. It makes things easier for you.You can use them without signup and there is no credit required for you to use them.

Website: https://yesmovieshd.to/



Popcornflix is another great site and it can serve as a viable alternative to Putlocker. They provide different kinds of movies and television series. It is organized in such a way that you watch the movies you want without difficulty. The streaming quality is about the best in this industry. You do not require to spend money before you use the platform since they do not demand your credit card details. Movies are available in different genres and categories.



This is the best online streaming website and it is the best for scary movies. They have such movies in stock such as shows and scary movies. It makes it easier to watch as many movies as you like and in the same way you can download the same. They are safe to you and the question of your data safety would never be an issue with this site. Perhaps the most outstanding feature here is the ease of use. You can keep movies you like in a separate area and you can easily get back to them when you want. This does not require your credit card detail before you can use them.


The site does not show only movies as the name suggests, they provide television series as well. There are several such television series and it is a question of choosing the one you want to watch. There are lots of features that set it apart from others out there. The first thing is that the site is simply designed and this makes it simple and very easy to use.

It has in stock different contents and the recommended ones are always on the top. If you do not like the recommended ones, you can choose anyone you want to watch. The most interesting thing about them is that you do not need to spend your money before you watch their content. Here we write best SolarMovie Alternatives, CHECK IT NOW.



There is hardly any other website that can compare with this when it comes to quality content streaming. One of the things that set them apart from several others includes the speed of operation. It recognizes the network in your area and stream movies according to your network capacity.

Afdah is a smart website and you can watch all kinds of movies from them and sure you like the user interface, which simple and easy. When it comes to quality, this site is going to offer you the best and that is the thing that sets it apart from others. Here we write the top 10 best Afdah alternatives to watch free movie online.

Website: https://afdah.info/



Los Movies made a list because of the amazing quality of their videos. The films do not cost you anything to watch them online and you can download them after watching the content. When it comes to the numbers of users, this site has an advantage over several others out there.

First is that it has a membership base which means that more users can watch the content more than they can watch other movie sites out there. Furthermore, they have in stock different kinds of movies and these movies are available in different languages. You can always get a film in your language and you are going to like them.

Website: http://losmovies.to/


It is regarded as the best. Because of the quality streaming, many people still find it hard to believe that they provide such services free. They have in stock different kinds of contents and they range from documentaries, television series as well as drama and so on. You do not expect them always and this is because they are not always online.

Because of the streaming quality, this movie is always a target of attack. Moreover, sometimes they have issues with copyright authorities and this can cause the site to be taken down easily. The user-friendly design is one of the things that make it unique.



MovieWatcher is more consistent than most other movie sites out there. The site is known for its turbulence and it is not one of those that go on and off most of the time. This website does not disappoint. It has remained true to the core and it is known for providing the best quality content over the years.

The site is well organized and you do not find it hard to get the kind of content you want. It is the most user-friendly website on the internet and you like every bit of it. This site is clean and it is straightforward.

Website: https://www.moviewatcher.site/



There is no doubt that this site is one of the giants in the industry and it is one of the best alternatives out there for Putlocker. If you want a reliable replacement for Putlocker and any other movie site, then you can always consider this site. The design is very wonderful, and it is simple and easy to use.

This means that you are not going to find it hard to get the type of movie you want when you use this site. They provide all kinds of movies, and you can always make a choice based on what you want. It comes with a search feature, and this makes it easier to get the movie of your choice.

Website: https://fmovies.to/home

Watch Series Online

This is a great movie website and it is the best replacement for Putlocker. This is not famous when it comes to movies but they are the best in terms of television shows and series. Any kind of episode you want of any television show you can get it from the website.

The user interface is the best and it is also straightforward. You do not need to be an expert to use it. You can get most of the information you want from here and the homepage will assist you to get all the series you want without difficulties.



This is one of the most organized movie websites in the industry today. You do not only watch movies of various genres; you can download such contents as well. Besides, the site makes it easy for you to watch television series. The most interesting thing about all this is that you can watch all these without paying money.

This means that the movies and series are completely free on Cmovies. You can tell the difference between this and the other websites from the way they are organized. The organize it according to movies and television series. It makes it easy to choose the best one to watch.

Website: https://cmovies.fm/



The banner you see when you open the site shows you everything you need to know about them. You will not be in doubt because it lets you know that they have movies available for you and that you can watch those movies free.

There is no need for you to sign up before you can watch their movies and you do not need to pay anything before you can watch those movies since everything is available to you free. When it comes to site security, they are the best because you do not lose anything and the site is well secured.

Website: https://ww4.gomovies.film/



Movie4u is one of the best and it is an alternative to Putlocker. You can tell the difference between this and others from the content quality. You will not be in doubt as to the originality of movies being shown on the site. If you want to watch the latest movies and you want to pay a prize to watch that movie, the site can help and they display the price for you.

You can see both the free and the paid version of any movie and the choice as to which one to choose depends on you. They do not hide the paid version as others would do.



This website streams films free. They also stream television series free. You can discover the most popular and trending movies to watch at any time because they are visibly displayed on the site and this means that you will not find it hard to get one to watch. You can switch from movies to televisions with just a click of the movies. It is ad-supported by you can still get the most recent movies from them. The contents are sorted in such a way that you can easily see them and they include country of movie origin, genres, and other categories.



Primewire is also one of the most popular alternatives for movie lovers. This site like others reviewed above offers free content. It means that you are not pay anything to register with them and watch the best videos. This site is full of quality content which includes television series and movies of various genres.

The layout is the most simplified and you can get your favorite movie with ease. You are free with this because all the contents are legal and this means that they are bought from the original owners of the content. When you watch their movies, you are not violating any copyright law.

Website: https://www.primewire.gr/


AZMovies as the name suggests feature different kinds of movies. The primary aim of this site is to stream movies. You cannot be tired of the site because they have a lot to offer. The content page is organized according to the number of movies in their various categories such as year of release, all movies as well as the genre, and so on. You no need to signup before you watch these movies. There is no credit card which means they are free, and most importantly these are high-quality videos. The videos cut different genres such as animation, adventure, action, crime, comedy, bio, and several others.

Popcorn Time

This content site is popular because of the streaming quality. It is not surprising that whenever a Putlocker alternative is considered, this site must form part of it. The site is quite different from others in that they do not make available browser streaming.

However, you can get various app streaming videos from the platform. This service is available in different operating systems such as android devices, android television as a Mac operating system, and most importantly the Windows operating system and others. You can get different kinds of movies from them.


Moonline is another great option for anybody looking for the best Putlocker alternative. The site is well arranged. You can get a movie based on its IMDb rating. If you want to get content based on their year of release, you can get easily get them because it is arranged chronically according to the year the movies are released to the public.

Furthermore, they make available all categories of movies, and this cut across the contents of all genres. In the same way, if you way a movie that is specific to a country, you can easily get them from the site.

Website: https://moonline.ws/


5Movies is one of the best online platforms where you can watch numbers of television series and dubbed movies. Furthermore, it is compatible with different operating systems, including your android and iOS smartphones. You can use it on your computer and laptop.

The services they provide are completely free and this site is well arranged and you can gain access to the movies or series you want with ease. If you want old or trending movies, you can always visit the site and you can get what you want from them.

50+ Best Putlocker proxy list/ Putlocker mirror site list

  1. Putlockers.fm
  2. Putlockerz.io
  3. 123putlocker.com
  4. Putlocker.io
  5. putlocker.rs
  6. putlocker.ist
  7. watchputlocker.live
  8. putlockerhd.is
  9. putlocker.stream-ing.xyz
  10. putlocker.unblockmy.tech
  11. putlockers.sc
  12. putlocker-m.net
  13. putlocker.immunicity.plus
  14. putlocker.bypassed.cab
  15. putlocker.unblocker.cc
  16. putlocker.immunicity.team
  17. putlocker.bypassed.team
  18. putlocker.unblocked.plus
  19. putlocker-is.live
  20. watchfree.usunblock.space
  21. putlocker.unblocked.cab
  22. putlocker.unblocker.win
  23. watchfree.ukunblock.win
  24. putlocker1.fit
  25. putlockerx.live
  26. putlockers9.ws
  27. putlockertoday.co
  28. putlocker.ac
  29. putlocker.is
  30. putlocker.bypassed.plus
  31. putlocker.unblocked.pub
  32. putlockers.am
  33. putlockerfree.ac
  34. watchfree.ukunblock.space
  35. putlocker.today
  36. Putlockers.net
  37. Putlockerr.is
  38. watch5s.rstagproxy-putlocker
  39. putlocker.unblockall.xyz
  40. putlocker.immunicity.cab
  41. putlocker.unblocked.team
  42. Putlockerfree.net
  43. Putlockers.tf
  44. Putlocker9.as
  45. Theputlocker9.com
  46. Theputlockerhub.me
  47. Putlockerstoworld.com
  48. Putlockertv.to
  49. Unblockall.org
  50. Putlockers.mn
  51. Putlockersfm.com
  52. Putlockersonline.co
  53. 123putlocker.io
  54. putlockerwatchfree.live
  55. put-locker.to
  56. putlockerfree9.live
  57. watchfree.to
  58. putlockerhd.co

Has Putlocker been Shut Down?

This site was very popular and at a time it was the most popular in the UK and other parts of the world, providing first class movies of different genres to their fans and subscribers. They host the best movies and the best of television series.

The problem with such stations is that they streamed outside the laws of the UK and some of them were closed down once they go contrary to that law.

The fact is that the station was shut down on the orders of the UK laws for violation of one of their laws. When it was shut down and many people could not reach it, they started to look for an alternative to the movie streaming channel.

Why is Putlocker Down?

Sometimes towards the end of 2016, this popular channel was shut down on the orders of the UK court, and the website was blocked. It was shut down because it was believed that the site has violated some of the Laws.

The site host illegal copies and they facilitate access to those illegal copies in the country. Some of the illegal copies they hosted include movies and television series. This led to the court order that blocked the sites from airing its programs.

When it was banned several sites popped up from different places but none of them could fill the gap created by the ban.

Are these alternative sites safe?

All these alternatives recommended above are safe to use. Despite that, before you approach any of them, it is recommended that you protect your system using the latest anti-virus setup. If there are remnants of viruses in the system your antivirus system is going to protect it and your system is protected.

Apart from that these sites have verified most of their videos before they release them to the public and this means that the videos are safe to watch in your system and they are also very safe to download when you want. These alternatives are safe and they will not endanger your system but you must also protect your system.

Is Using Putlocker Illegal in the US?

Most people are looking for Putlocker alternative because it is illegal in many parts of the world. It is illegal in the US and you cannot use it here without going against the laws of the country. This is illegal in America because of the type of materials which they host.

In America, such materials are called copyrighted and they do not have the right to host it. Apart from hosting such copyrighted materials the movie site equally facilitates access to such sites. Because of these two factors, it is not safe to watch this movie channel in America without getting into trouble. The movie site would be blocked in America.

Is it safe and legal to use free streaming sites?

What determines whether it is safe and legal to stream from free sites in many countries is the copyright laws. The copyright act of the US which was signed into law in the year 1976 permits holders of the copyright to produce their products and they have the exclusive right to distribute such products to other parts of the world.

If the free sites are not conforming to the law and they are hosting illegal movies that they are not supposed to host then it is illegal to watch them. By showing those movies, they are granting access to such pirating copyrighted copies and this is a punishable offense in the country.

Where can I Watch Free Movies Online?

If you want to watch free movies, there are several internet alternatives available to you. Some of these options were reviewed above and you can choose from any of them after going through their conditions to ensure that they do not violate the copyright laws available in various countries.

Many capable cutters can watch movies of their choice without spending even a dime. It does not mean that there are no premium services. There are several of them and you can get quality viewing when you watch from premium providers.

If you do not have the resources to subscribe to premium service, you can consider any of the free options services reviewed below. All you need is a computer, or smart device, and fast internet connection.


Are you a cable cutter? Are you looking for the best places to watch movies and television series without spending a dime? Are you not able to gain access to Putlocker? These twenty alternatives listed above are the best option for you. These are free services and most of them offer no ads. This means that you can watch films, and other content is little or no distractions.

These sites are well arranged and you do not find it hard to watch the movies of your choice. Moreover, these are available in different genres. The sky is the limit to the number of contents you can watch through these channels reviewed above.