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Afdah is rated as one of the most popular movie websites in the world today. It is such liked that more than five hundred thousand people visit this site monthly for different purposes.

Most of the visitors come because of the quality stream they enjoy from the site. They have plenty of movies in stock and you can search using different parameters.

It has a search bar on the site and you can use this to locate movies based on the name, quality streaming, and other quality. The station offers movies for free, and this cut across all genres of the movie industry.

What is Afdah?

A lot is already explained above. It is one of the best movie websites in the world today. Afdah movies have in stock all kinds of movies and TV shows, including the most recent ones available in that industry.

Apart from movies, they also offer the latest television shows. Whether you are looking for the recent or the old television show series, you are sure of getting them here. You can get this site in many countries.

Even if you reside where the view is restricted, you can use other devices such as VPN or any DNS device to have access to the movie streaming website and choose movies of your site.

It is not every time that you can get this site and in such a situation, you need an alternative and the best alternatives are reviewed for you here.

Watch Afdah free movies online

Afdah streams different kinds of movies, tv shows on the internet and these movies are made available to you free. This implies that you are not required to pay even a dime before you can begin to watch those movies.

It does not demand your credit card details and there are no hidden charges as well. You can watch all the movies online and if you want to download them, you can do that without difficulties.

Apart from movies, you can watch television shows and drama series online and all these are available to you free. You can watch them through your computer browser, your android, and iOS operating system as well as your Windows and other operating devices.

Top 10 Best Alternatives to Afdah



Are you looking for the best Afdah alternative, YesMovies is the best option for you? The two sites stream movies freely. This site shows all kinds of movies, including the latest movies. Many people who visit this website want to watch the best and the latest movies.

The two do not have anything in common in terms of design. The one thing which the two have in common is the free streaming of videos. This site is one of the biggest in the country since they always have huge content available.

You cannot lack when you visit the site because you will always get what you want. The system uses the most simplified user interface. It is organized in such a way that you get at the movies and tv shows you want to watch with ease.




When it comes to quality streaming, there is hardly any other site out there that can compare with 123Movies. This is one of the oldest in that industry and they have been over the years and they were satisfied millions of customers from this country and other parts of the world.

The movies are well arranged and you will not find it hard to choose the ones that you want to watch. They are organized in various categories, which range from the most-watched, the most recent.

There are both television series, drama, and movies. You can search for any of the categories and make your choice. This is one of the most visited in the industry and the best alternative to Afdah.




Yidio website is unique by all standards. In terms of web design, this is the most interactive because it is not difficult to get at the type of movie you want to watch. Moreover, they have different movies, and this cut across all genres in that industry.

To watch these movies, you are not required to pay any dime to anybody. Apart from offering you the best movies in the industry, it provides information as to where you can get the best movies and television series free on the internet.

When it comes to free movies, this site is the king and it remains the best alternative to Afdah. It is important to stress here that most of the movies here are free, but not all the movies are free. This is because of the premium sources they source their movies.




FMovies is rated one of the best in the industry, and that is because of the huge movie collections they stock at any point in time. Furthermore, they have in stock different television shows collections.

It is the most simplified site for movie watchers and it does not take anything to watch their movies other than an operating system and a high-speed internet connection. Just input the name of the movie that you want to watch and then begin to watch such movies.

This is one of the best alternatives to Afdah movies. It is even better than that. You would be happy with the platform because of the quality films they make available to you. These are one hundred percent free.




GoMovies is free, and they provide movies of all genres. If you are looking for the best alternative to Afdah, then you can always consider it because you can get the same quality you get from Afdah if not more than that. It appears that GoMovoes and 123Movies have lots of things in common in terms of quality streaming.

You can get the same kind of quality from the two sites and they can serve as a good replacement for Afdah. They have in stock different kinds of movies and if you are looking for the latest movies, you are sure of getting them from the site.

Furthermore, they have in stock different movies and these can be considered the favorite in that industry. Irrespective of the type of movie you want to watch, you will not have any problem because you will have them on this website. Furthermore, they are well arranged and that means that you can always get what you want without difficulties.




It is another free online streaming site LOSMovies; where you can watch all kinds of movies. Whether you want to watch classic movies or you want to watch the latest ones, you can always get them here. These movies are classified as the best because of their quality.

The movies they have in stock cut across different genres of that industry and this includes Adventure, Action, Sci-Fi, Superhero as well as War, Romance as well as Family movies, and so on.

If you are such that you cannot do without the Afdah movie website, then you can consider this is one of the closest alternatives and that is because you can always get what you want. It is easy to sort out the movies and you can arrange them the way that suits you most.




Popcornflix is a free website and you like it because of the offer the best movies in the industry. These movies are free and this means that you would pay anything to watch it. The movies are ad-supported but the stream quality is the best you can get in that industry.

The site has been in existence for ten years and this shows that they are not new in that industry. When it comes to experience, they have enough it. They stream all kinds of movies and these cover all categories.

It is the best-organized movie site and you find it easy to get the kind of movie you want to watch. If you are looking for that perfect alternative to Afdah, then you can always consider that movie.




Hulu is not free, like the other sites reviewed above. It is a subscription website and they offer different packages that cost different amounts of money. You can choose a package based on what you want to watch and what you can afford to pay. However, you can test run their site since they provide a one-week view of the movies and other programs they offer without paying anything.

You can consider this as an alternative to Afdah and the major difference between the two is that while Afdah is a free movie streaming website, the other one is completely free. When it comes to quality, they offer high-quality videos but that of Hulu is ad-free.



It is another wonderful alternative to Afdah. They offer different kinds of movies and the movies and television shows are ad-supported. This site has in stock different kinds of movies, and this is more than five thousand movies of different genres. It is one of the best and biggest in the industry.

This site does not charge you money for the high-quality movies they provide. They also have in stock documented videos. You would not be tired of the number of videos you can watch through them because they have everything you want in stock. has the movies you want and it is a question of relaxing and choosing your movies one after the other until you become tired of watching movies. They have in stock different kinds of movies, including the newest in that industry.

The most interesting thing about their movies is that they are free and this means that you watch them without your credit card details. It is one of the best alternatives to Afdah.


Afdah Movies Mirrors List

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  • John Henry
  • Jumanji: The Next Level
  • The Turning
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  • Birds of Prey
  • Prodigal Son
  • Doctor Sleep
  • Spies in Disguise
  • Godfather of Harlem
  • The Rhythm Section
  • Doom Patrol
  • Zombieland: Double Tap

Afdah movies APK download for android & iOS

Afdah movies can be watched on your mobile devices such as your android phones and iOS supported phones. You can download such videos through their respective store through the APK download platform.

When you download the app in your mobile device, you can begin to watch videos of your choice and television shows and drama series without restrictions. You can watch and download as match movies, videos, and television shows as you like.

You can watch the movies as you go because you can access the app and download and watch them without paying a dime. This is one of the best things about this movie website.

Here is the bestSolarMovie llternatives.

Is Afdah a safe site?

Afdah is supposed to be a safe site. There is speculation in some quarters that the site is not safe and that it carries viruses when you download the movies. This could be true and it could not be true. The truth is that there is a way authority perceive sites that stream free movies.

It may be a way to castigate the movie website. You can check yourself and there is no proven evidence that the site is not safe. Before you stream from any website, including Afdah it is good to use a strong antivirus that can help to protect your system. For now, no evidence can link the movie website with any virus.

Why is Afdah not working?

Sometimes Afdah site can be blocked and when it is blocked in your area it means that it is not working. If it goes contrary to the authority by airing unauthorized movies, the site can be blocked. Whenever the site is not working it simply means that it is blocked.

When it is blocked because of geo-restrictions, when that becomes the case, it is not difficult to gain access to the site. You can use a virtual private network or VPN to unblock the site and watch any movie of your choice. In most cases, the site is down is because of blocking, but you can overcome that challenge.

How to unblock Afdah safely

To unblock Afdah safely, you have to use a virtual private network or DNS service. As pointed above, it is only when it is blocked as a result of geographic location. This means that the channel is not allowed to be aired in such areas.

If you such places you are not permitted to watch that station, then you can help yourself by unblocking that movie channel. There are lots of VPN services that you can use to unblock. You can review all of them and choose only those whose services are affordable.

It does not mean that you are going to pay money to watch Afdah; it simply means that you will not have any restrictions to watch the free streaming movies from their website.


Afdah is one of the most favorite online movie streaming sites on the internet today. The site has been there for a long time and they are known for quality streaming. They are popular because they stream free movies and these television shows and movies cut across all different genres.

It is not every time you get that site. In case you cannot access it, there are several other alternatives out there. The best ten of such alternatives is reviewed above. You can compare them and make your choice.