Coding For Beginners: 7 Ways You Can Learn

What is coding? What does it have to do with computers? Coding provides a set of instructions to all the computing devices to perform the tasks. It uses different programming languages to create code. Coding is the basis of something as simple as a calculator, an address book, or as complex as face recognition doorbells.

Every software developer relies on coding and programming to create powerful software and apps. Similarly, every web developer uses computer coding to build a website. In the wake of digital transformation in every industry, coding has become an essential component of every computing task. You can also learn to code and launch your career in the lucrative IT industry.

Here are seven ways you can learn how to code:

Enroll in Online Bootcamps

Before getting into coding, you must explore and sign up for valuable resources that can make your learning journey more rewarding. Online coding bootcamps are one of the great learning platforms that can equip you with desired coding skills in a short duration. These are helpful for beginners who have decided to join the industry as coders and need to gain coding skills through intensive training. You can also enroll in part-time coding bootcamps while continuing your current job.

Experience an immersive learning environment from coding schools online and polish your coding skills. Search bootcamps that meet your learning outcomes; plenty of options are available to learn different languages. After completing training from boot camps, you can pursue a career in software development, software QA, and entrepreneurship in the fast-paced and competitive tech industry.

Get to Know the Coding Tools

Though you don’t require any special tools for writing code, there are always some helpful tools that you can use to make the coding experience seamless. One of the best coding tools is the code editor, which works just like a text editor. It has some additional features of Code lookup, Syntax highlighting, etc., that lets you write code cleaner and faster.

Sublime Text and Notepad++ are some reliable code editors for beginners. Rubberduck is another coding tool that helps you analyze the code and avoid mistakes. Coding tools are crucial to developing a strong coding command and are easily available on several learning platforms. You can download these coding tools from online resources free of cost.

Watch Video Tutorials

Watching video tutorials to understand the basics of coding is a good way to start your learning journey. Without knowing the basic concepts, you cannot get a strong grip on coding skills. Take the first step by getting to know the different programming languages. Like humans, computers also rely on different languages to understand and process commands. A variety of low and high-level languages are available to create different applications.

For instance, internet browsers, operating systems, and multimedia processing software are based on low-level languages. You can search video tutorials on Youtube and find productive content and well-explained methodologies easily. In addition, you can join webinars and live classes to get free access to quality education. Crash Course Computer Science can help you provide the best guideline.

Join Online Communities

Online communities are shaping the learning experience to the advantage of coders. Thousands of coders and programmers are part of online communities, making them a conducive environment for learning. Whether you like to share your coding issue or not, you can get instant solutions from already shared source codes without wasting time. GitHub is an incredible code-sharing platform that makes up the largest community of coders. You can also avail an opportunity to work on projects under teams in this learning community. 

Stack Overflow is an online community based on QAs website covering various topics related to coding and programming. The interaction among different tech enthusiasts changes an entire coding experience and empowers coders to understand the working of programs and other techniques.

Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are one of the convenient ways to learn to code on the go. It may seem unnatural to learn something technical like coding while traveling or without a computer; nevertheless, beginners can listen to podcasts to gain basic knowledge and clear theoretical concepts. For instance, CodeNewbie is your answer if you are struggling to find motivation.

You can listen to the inspirational stories of the programmers and be a part of their learning journey through this podcast. Code Blocks is an advanced-level podcast where you can learn how to code from a group of programmers. Podcasts can supplement your gaps in learning and spark curiosity to learn what you don’t know about coding.

Work on Real-Time Projects

Nothing can beat the practical work you will learn through real-time projects. When you work under a professional team, you can brush off your coding skills and write function codes with in-depth knowledge. At the initial level, pick short-term projects such as face recognition, search engine, authentication system, etc.

Real-time projects not only keep you motivated but also give you a chance to diversify your skill set. You can add different programming languages to your resume to create a strong portfolio, especially while working on long-term projects. Projects also play a vital role in getting entry-level programming jobs.

Participate in Coding Events and Competitions

Coding requires patience; it is not something you can learn over the night. Testing your coding skills through programming competitions is the best way to improve your skills. Learners who regularly participate in coding events and competitions ace coding skills faster than others. No matter whether you win or lose, you are on the way to building a strong foundation for your coding.

You can become a part of many beginner-level coding competitions available online or onsite to get a chance to challenge your coding skills. TopCoder and HackerRank are some of the competitive sites that allow you to sharpen your coding skills. You can feature your coding competition ranking in your resume to kickstart your career in programming.

Final Thoughts

Coding is a technical skill that demands constant commitment and passion for learning. You can gain basic knowledge of coding with the help of podcasts, video tutorials, and online communities. Still, to become an expert coder, you need to enroll in a training program or a Bootcamp as it kickstarts your career with practical knowledge and skills.

There is no easy way to learn to code, so you must keep practicing to get a grip on the coding skill set. Consider the resources mentioned above to master coding skills and strive in the ever-increasing computing and IT industry.