How to Find Out Who Lives on My Street?

“Who lives on my street?” Has this question already popped up your mind?

Is finding out who lives on your street possible? Yes, it is!

Who Lives on My Street – How to Find?

There are many ways to find who lives on my street.

  • List down the addresses on your street. For a small populated street, this can be done easily.
  • For larger streets, find your county or local government website. Googling your local government’s information will do the trick.
  • Browse through the assessor’s website. All county assessors maintain an information database of all taxpayers and non-taxpayers in the area. If a website is not yet available. It is best to visit the local government building personally. There is absolutely a recorder of deeds there.
  • Keep searching for the people on your street by looking up and following your list. Living in 5th Street? Then, search for 5th street. Many search results will give you empty lots. It will take a lot of your time. Open each address on your list on a new tab or a new window. This can give you the owner of each property.
  • A reverse address search is advised for rented homes and apartments.

Here is some reverse address search engine:

  • is a great reverse address search engine. You just have to enter the street address, and it will give you the residents there.
  • The server of this simple and intuitive search engine searches through its public directories to search for the address. Current and previous owners will be provided to you together with the values and history of the property, such as its price, deeds, or loans, and the neighborhood. Statistics will be available to you for a clearer and fuller picture of the situation and location. Once the search is completed, the result is sent directly to your email address.
  • This tool uses 3 options for you to search: by address, by city and state, and by ZIP code. Searching for the data can be more accurate. You only have to enter a residential street address, city, and state, or zip code.

​It is indeed great to know each and everyone in your neighborhood. You will always feel safe and secure. You can take extra care if you notice a new face. He/ she can be a threat to the safety of your community.

After all, burglars can lurk around and just waiting for the moment to rob. If you know the people around you, no need to ask, “Who lives on my street?”Right?