9 Best Business Apps To Help Run A Business Better – UK 2023

When you start your own business, you don’t have to worry too much about everything. The problem starts when you move from small teams to larger ones and realize how much time you waste because of bad communication, no workflow structure, or accounting problems. For instance, in a signage company designing neon sign boards is a big deal. therefore they need these apps so much.

When it’s time to choose how fast you’re going to grow…

As your company grows, you have to make a lot of important choices. Hiring new employees is one thing, but if you don’t set up your company so that people can communicate, complete tasks, and come up with new ideas, you will lose a lot of their value and efficiency.

Start using apps and innovative approaches slowly. It’s not easy to set up the company so it can grow faster, but there are many things you can do to make your everyday work easier and automate many of the tasks you don’t want to do. It’s not a good idea to start using them all at once, but using them progressively, when they are needed, can help a business grow faster. Even if your business grows without the need for apps, you will eventually have to use at least a few of them. 

This will be a lot harder to do when you have dozens or even hundreds of employees. I’ve worked for too many companies that had this problem, so I cannot wait to show you 5 kinds of applications you can use to start running your business better and get it ready for faster growth.

1. Use an employee scheduling app 

If you’re a startup, you probably don’t need to keep track of the amount of time you devote on every task or schedule your work time. Instead, think about the long run. As shortly as you hire more members of the team, it will get harder and harder to make sure they do their jobs right. And it has nothing to do with trust. It means using information about how long people spend on different tasks to make your business run better overall. It’s about understanding when your team members will be able to help without having to report on paper sheets or waste time talking about it over email.

2. Use a cloud-based project management app 

When your business becomes a set of structured, repeating tasks and new projects, it will get harder and harder to keep track of progress and divide up jobs. This is where project management apps become a must-have, especially since you need to start thinking about workflows and processes early on in the life of your business so you don’t wake up to a very chaotic place.

Teamwork Projects is a flexible, advanced app for managing projects that can help you keep track of plans and responsibilities.

3. Teamwork Projects: Managing tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities It is a very useful app for managing your projects because it lets you create and manage tasks, assign them to team members, and attach any files you need. But it does a lot more than just managing projects. You can make detailed charts and reports, and it adds a social element to your projects by showing what your team members are working on in the company’s news dashboard. Teamwork has a time-tracking app built in, so you can also see how long you spend on each task.

4. Use a cloud CRM app 

You should keep track of your clients, contacts, and sales whether you run an internet, e-commerce, or services business. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) apps were made to help you keep track of, share, and manage your clients. They also help you organize how you approach new customers when you’re trying to sell your product or service. With modern CRM solutions in the cloud, you don’t need to set up advanced systems that are made just for you. You pay per user and can choose between different plans with different features, so you only pay for what you need.

5. Salesflare — ultra smart CRM system

Salesflare is an online CRM app that will help you keep track of how your sales are going, as well as your clients’ information and how you reach out to them. What’s great about Salesflare is that it’s very smart, which means it can automatically find your contacts based on your emails or social media. This saves a ton of time because you don’t have to manually enter your contacts. With the app, you also have full access to the mobile app, so don’t worry if you need to do something while you’re out and about.

Alternative: Agile CRM is a free CRM app with features for marketing automation

Agile CRM is a free alternative to more expensive CRM apps. It doesn’t have any advanced automation features, but it can still be a good choice for businesses on a budget. More importantly, Agile has some marketing automation features that are hard to find in other similar solutions.

6. Use devices like smartphones 

You might find interaction features in other apps, like managing projects or employee scheduling apps, but from our experience, they can’t replace a full-featured communications platform that was made just for that purpose.

7. Slack 

Image for: Slack: Conversation channels and team communication

In terms of pure communication, there is probably no real rival to Slack. It’s easy to add new users, handle teams and conversation channels, share files, and, most importantly, quickly lookup up conversations. All of this is free of charge. If you don’t already use Slack to talk to your team, you might also definitely try it out and see if it can help your team talk to each other better.

8. Quip 

Quip gives you a quick way to get in touch with everyone on your team. It also lets you work together in real time on records, like Excel spreadsheets, which is useful if you’re sick of working on various versions of the same document.

Use online accounting apps to handle accounting and finances.

It might seem like sending invoices to your accountant is enough to handle the accounting and finances of your business, but in the long run, you need to know more about how your business is doing and might need help automating the way you talk to your accountant. You can also do your own accounting with online accounting apps, as long as you have enough time.

9. FreshBooks 

Freshbooks is online accounting and finance software.

With Freshbooks, it’s much easier and nicer to send out invoices. You can make your own layout, send invoices on the go with a mobile app, and make it easy for you and your accountant to talk. 

Final remarks 

To get ahead of your competitors, you need to be better today, time is probably the most valuable thing you can buy, so would you be prepared to spend some money on an extra app or piece of software that will save you and your group some time? You need to figure out for yourself whether this is something that will give you a good return on your money.

As long as your squad doesn’t need any of the above, there’s no need to add more distractions. However, keep an eye out for signs that these apps could help your team grow. last but not least every company—particularly a sign shop needs such applications.