What is Local SEO and How it Helps to Grow Your Business?

Today every business is required to have an online storefront. Businesses can have a fully loaded e-commerce website that can take orders or a simple HTML webpage that displays the product range available in brick and mortar stores.

As per recent data, there are around 14,222 firms in Vancouver, WA. If you own a retail store or run a supermarket, you need to consider investing in local SEO.

Due to the intense competition online, it is not easy to bring your website to the top without the help of an agency offering SEO Vancouver WA. Here is some information on local SEO and how it helps to grow your business.

What is Local SEO?

SEO experts mention a website allows you to target the entire world. However, some businesses want to focus on the local target audience and grow their business. Local SEO refers to implementing SEO techniques and optimizing your website for a specific local area.

As per recent data, the population of Vancouver, WA, is around 184,463. Suppose you have a retail store in Vancouver Heights, Marrion, Cascade Park West, or any Vancouver neighborhood. In that case, you need to partner with and want to reach a local audience; you need an agency offering local SEO in Vancouver, WA.

How Local SEO Helps to Grow Your Business?

As per recent data, around 24.89% of the population of Vancouver, WA, is high school graduates, while 26.69% of the population has attended a few years of college. The data also mentions, that around 19.22% of the population of Vancouver, WA, has a bachelor’s degree.

Today, most educated people use the internet to search for products and services before visiting the brick and mortar stores to buy them. People will use keywords with location to search for local businesses.

For example, if the person wants plumbers, he will type plumbers in Vancouver Washington or plumbing services in Vancouver to find plumbers. Optimizing your website for local search ensures people will find your business when they need you. Here are different ways in which local SEO can help your business to be on top.

Enhanced Traffic

As per recent statistics, 46% of Google searches are seeking local information. Do you know about 88% of customers searching for local businesses online visit the physical stores in a day or two? When you optimize your website for local search via SEO tactics, such as link building hacks, more Vancouver, WA, residents will be able to find your business.

Whether you are running a hardware store or a supermarket, local SEO increases your online visibility, and you will witness an increase in website traffic and increased footfalls in your brick and mortar stores.

Better Conversion Rates

As per recent data, around 87.5% of Vancouver, WA, households have a broadband connection, and 91% of households have a computer. It means a large number of Vancouver residents can find your business when they use your business-related keyword with the location.

One of the prime benefits of local SEO is it drives potential customers to your website and then directs them to your stores. A market study indicates, that around 28% of local searches end in sales.

To sum up, it does not matter how big or small your Vancouver business is. Having an online presence and focusing on local SEO is a must to cut through the competition and reach your target audience.

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  • December 9, 2021
  • SEO