Top 20 Best 123Movies Alternatives in 2024

123Movies is one of the file streaming websites operating from Vietnam. The site offers free movies. The site is popular because of the high-quality movies and television shows available on the site.

The steaming feature is great because you can watch the movies using different platforms such as television, and mobile devices. The site is compatible with operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and other operating systems.

The channel was shut down in the past by the Vietnamese authority. In the past, this site was regarded as the most popular illegal website in the world by the Motion Picture Association of America. Watch and download movies without your credit card details.

What Is 123Movies?

123Movies is one of the best and movie streaming sites on the internet. It is popular because of high-quality streaming and a large number of movies on its collection.

This site is regarded as the leader in the world because they keep on updating their movies. They keep introducing new titles and you can get the latest movies from their website.

This site is user friendly as it comes with a simple and easy to use interface. There is hardly any other site that compares with it when it comes to video quality.

Apart from videos and movies, this site has in stock various television shows and you can lay access to them if you search for them. The site is also well organized and because of that, you will not find it hard to get movies of your choice.

123Movies Development & Origin

The site has passed through different developmental stages. They have changed domain names because they were shut down. Sometimes, you can see the name change.

The original which that site was known for is the The domain URL was later changed to there was a time it used to be and so on.

Sometime in the past, the name of that movie was changed to The site has its origin in Vietnam but they stream their movies to all parts of the world.

It is one of the most popular and it can rank among the best 500 ranked sites in the world today.

Features of

123Movies is one of the most popular in the world today and has to do with the features. The channel is famous for different reasons. The first thing or the first feature is that the movies are free.

You do not need to spend a dime before you can get access to these movies. Apart from movies, the site provides television shows and drama series. These are available at no cost.

Just as they stream popular movies, they have in stock less popular movies on their sites as well. It is left for you to make a choice of the movies you want to watch from them.

They may be streaming most of the movies illegally but that does not suggest it is not safe to visit the site.

20 Best 123Movies Alternatives



There are lots of factors that make this a good alternative to 123Movies. The first is that it has a huge database of movies just like the 123Movies counterpart.

Furthermore, YesMovies features fewer ads and this means that you can watch your movies with less disturbance. Another aspect that makes it great is the streaming speed.

This works at a very fast speed and that is why you can watch movies with less disturbance.

Furthermore, the movies cut across different genres and these movies are from other parts of the world. The design is simple and you do not find it hard to migrate from one place to another.

As said above, you are required to use your credit card before you can watch those interesting and high-end movies.

Because of the interactive features, you can rate the various movies you have watched and the ratings are displayed. This can help you choose movies you want to watch.




VexMovies is another high-quality site you can rely on to watch movies. It is rated the best alternative to 123Movies because of the quality of movies they show.

The best thing is that these movies are displayed without ads, which are common to most of them. Furthermore, the resolution can change and you can change it by 1080P.

Another thing that makes it great is the compatibility with different mobile devices. This means that you can watch movies using your android, Windows, as well as Apple phones without difficulties.

You can watch those content free and you can watch them from those devices mentioned. The site is so organized that you can filter those favorite films you want to watch using advanced search filters.

For those who like to watch movies, especially movies from other lands, this is a great alternative for them to get what they want without spending even a penny.




Putlocker is one of the best alternatives to 123Movies in the market. The two of them have several things in common. These two sites have tone kind of color scheme which is the gray and green color scheme.

Besides, they have a minimalist design. Furthermore, you would enjoy using them because they do not have many ads when you use the platform.

Moreover, this site has in stock thousands of movies and you can select any of them and watch them. They equally have in stock television shows and drama series.

You can get more information about their movies by looking at the ratings they provide and the years of release and other crucial information they made available about those films.

Perhaps the best aspect of them is that they do not charge money before you can use the platform to watch videos and so on.




Niter is another great movie site worth reviewing here. It is another great alternative to 123Movies. You can watch all kinds of movies as well as television shows online.

The content is always updated, and the UI system makes the system to be very clear. The difference between this and similar sites is that you have to create an account with them before you can qualify to watch their movies.

Creating an account does not mean that you are going to pay to watch those movies. The films and shows remain free.

You can easily determine the latest releases from them because they are often displayed on the front pages. You can get all kinds of movies you want from them, including the old and new ones.

The genre ranges from family, comedy as well as action, and other kinds of movies. You watch these through different smart operating systems including your televisions and so on.




It is one of the best and that is why it makes a list. Several factors make this one outstanding. One of them is that they provide unlimited video content and these are available for you free.

You can watch these movies at any time and you can watch using your smart mobile devices as well as your television sets. Before you access any of the movies, you first create an account and watch as many movies as you like.

Furthermore, you can watch television shows and these are often updated. You are sure that you get any kind of movie that you want to enjoy. The streaming quality is another thing that stands this one apart.

It is very fast once you have a fast running internet connection. You are going to like it because there are virtually no ads with the system.

The design is also very simplified, which means that you will navigate to the site and watch movies of your choice.




Afdah equates with 123Movies in different ways, because of that, it can serve as a good alternative. The site is free just like the 123Movies counterpart and the database is often updated with the most current and trending movies.

If you are looking for the best 123Movies alternative, you can always think of Afdah. These two have things in common. The first thing about them is that they make an available large database of premium quality movies.

Furthermore, there are plenty of television shows available and organized so that you get the film you want to watch without difficulties. These movies are one hundred percent free.

They will never demand your credit card number and there is no payment before you can download those interesting movies and television series.




This site has a large database of high-quality movies just like the 123Movies and that is why it can serve as the best alternative to it. These video contents are among the best and these are newly released movies.

Apart from that, they have old movies in stock. Use the search bar to look for the kind of movies you want to watch.

Furthermore, the site is highly interactive and you can easily get what you want from the site without difficulties. It is simple and very easy to navigate and this is attributed to the user-friendly UI.

The database is updated regularly and that is why you can watch movies of your choice. If you are looking for the best you can think of the site. These films are completely free.




CMovies is another wonderful alternative to 123Movies. If you want to get the best from those movies, you have to use an adblocker because ads would become the major obstacle you will encounter.

Other than that, you are going to enjoy the quality movie streaming from that site. This website is completely free and you can watch all kinds of movies including the most recent ones.

You can navigate through the site without difficulties and that because of the friendly Ui. These movies you can watch on different mobile platforms.

There is absolutely nothing to lose when you use the site and plenty to gain because everything movie here is free.




This is the site where you can watch the latest movies on the internet. It does not cost you a dime to watch these movies because you can download and begin to watch.

Furthermore, you can watch movies right on the site. They have available the latest movies and television shows and these are free. To watch them there is no need for any registration.

The sites are well categorized such that you can make your choice based on the popularity of the movies.

Even if you want to watch those playing right away in the theatre, you can watch them. Other things here include various television series like episodes and several others.




You are going to stream free Hollywood movies and the latest movies from different parts of the world. These movies are available.

You do not even need registration before watching those favorite movies and television programs. Furthermore, these are available on different devices including your mobile devices.

If you are looking for the best 123Movies alternative, then you can always consider this model. It is the best and it is available for free.




Watch free movies and exciting television programs online for free. This site is relatively new and it is one of those dominating the industry.

They are designed to offer you different kinds of programs and the streaming quality is the best in this industry.

It makes a list because it provides those things you use to enjoy with 123Movies. To watch their movies, you do not need to disclose your credit card details. The movies are available in different genres.




This is another wonderful opportunity to watch the same kind of movies you watch in 123Movies. The site is popular and the most important thing about it is that you can watch it on different platforms without difficulties.

Suppose you want to watch these movies on mobile devices. In that case, it is that simple because the site is UI friendly and you can watch on different platforms without difficulties.

Besides, these movies are also free and if you want, you can create a dedicated account with that platform. You can watch as many movies as possible and you can download as much as you like.



This is one of the best alternatives to 123Movies. The site is completely worth it and it is available to you free.

If you want a free site you can watch the most interesting and latest movies; then you can consider visiting this movie site. When it comes to movie availability, they can boast of the best and they have plenty of movie databases in the market.




PrimeWire is great when it comes to the best movie sites for free movie streaming on the internet. The site has different movies and these cut across different genres.

If you want originality, you can talk about this product because it is the best in that industry. When it comes to content which is the most important thing in this kind of site, they offer the best.

The site is completely free and you can watch movies and television programs of your choice on different platforms.




To discover your favorite movie is not going to be a challenge when you use this wonderful website. The site was extensively remodeled, and the look is very modern.

You will not find it hard to locate the movie of your choice and you can choose one based on the keyword.

You can select based on your interest and based on the name of the actor. They have various kinds of movies in stock and you can always watch them without a dime.




Here you have in stock different television programs to watch, including drama series and movies and drama. The titles will be displayed and the best way to display it is in the best quality format.

This site is free to use, which means that you will not pay a dime before you can watch them. The movie does not require any subscription.

Choose your favorite title based on the number of movies available to you. This site can boast of more than 20,000 titles at a time. Just hit the play button and you begin to watch the movies of your choice.




The SolarMovie site is as popular as 123Movies. They have different movies of different genres as well as the most interesting television shows. You can watch all these on the best quality HD devices.

When it comes to video quality, there are hardly any other movies that can compare with it. If you like, you can adjust the settings, this can help you discover the best movies to watch.




The movie site is good for free video watching and streaming. It is completely free just as you can infer from its name. They have various movies and this cut various genres and you can watch all this free.

Suppose you are looking for a great alternative to 123Movies. In that case, you can always consider this one because it has premium movies in stock.

Besides movies, this site also has television series and drama and various shows. You can make a choice of which one you want to watch. These movies are categorized based on their popularity, the genre as well as release, and so on.




There are lots of things that set GoMovies apart from several other movies’ sites out there. If you are looking for the best replacement for 123Movies, you can always consider this platform.

Moreover, you can watch movies in various genres and you can also download movies of different kinds and you can watch them on different mobile platforms.

The other thing great is that they have various kinds of movies in stock and you will not search far before you get the one you can watch. Movies are also categorized based on different criteria. These movies are one hundred percent free to watch.




This another site recommended for you if you are looking for the best 123Movies alternative. The site makes it possible to watch different kinds of movies on its platform and you will not pay a dime to watch them.

To watch the movies and television series of your time, you do not need to register an account with them. Just open the site and begin to watch your favorite movies.

Most importantly, you will not find it hard to select movies of your choice because these are well arranged, which makes it easier to select movies of your choice.


Whats the content Provided by 123Movies?

This movie site can provide different kinds of content. These contents include movies and these movies cut across different genres.

Besides movies, the site provides different kinds of television programs such as drama, shows, and other programs of different episodes.

It is complete with movies and television shows. You have enough of them to keep your busy 24/7 and so on.

Why was 123Movies Shutdown?

The movie site was shut down in the year 2017 by the Vietnamese authorities for streaming illegal content. At that time, this was not the only such site operating in Vietnam.

The authority gave a go-ahead order, and the movie website was shutdown. The site was shut down because of the violation of copyright policy. Most of the movies aired in the station are not original movies because they do not have the right to air them.

How to unblocked 123movies

If you reside in areas where you cannot receive the television channel, you have to look for unblocking ways. One of the ways of unblocking it is to use a VPN service.

This provides a fake IP address and it will look you are streaming from another country where the movie site is allowed. There are lots of VPN providers and you can choose one. You can also use DNS service to unlock such stations.

Is 123Movies Legal and Safe?

The movie site may not be legal to watch because most of the movies they show violate copyright law which is strong in America and other parts of the world.

There is nothing that suggests that the site spreads the virus to its visitors when it comes to the safety of use. The site is safe to use but it is not legal in most parts of the world where copyright is a big issue.

Is It Legal to Stream Movies From 123Movies?

Suppose you reside in a country where streaming of pirated movie copies is not allowed. In that case, it is completely illegal to use such channels.

It is not legal in most countries like the USA, UK, and other western European countries. This is one of the reasons the site was blocked in the past.


123Movies is one of the best movie sites in the world because of the large movie database. If you get to the site, you cannot get tired of watching different content because they have an abundance.

If you find it hard to gain access to that channel, you can watch any of the alternatives reviewed above. These are premium sites and they offered content of different genres.