How To Update My Towers On My Verizon Phone?

To update your Verizon phone tower, you must first ensure that your device is connected to Wi-Fi. Once the connection has been established, open the Settings app and select Network & Internet. From there, select Mobile networks followed by Network operators.

Select Search Networks and wait for all possible towers to be displayed in the list. If any updates are available, they will appear in this list as well. Select the appropriate network operator from this list and enable it if necessary and then restart your device once again for the changes to take effect.

  • Connect your Verizon phone to a Wi-Fi network: Before updating the towers on your Verizon phone, make sure you are connected to a stable and reliable Wi-Fi network. This will ensure that the download process is fast and smooth.
  • Open Settings app: After connecting to a WiFi network, open the Settings app from the home screen of your device by tapping it once or twice (depending on how many times it takes for you).
  • Tap “Network & Internet”: In the settings page, look for “Network & Internet” option and tap on it.
  • Select “Mobile Networks”: Once in Network & Internet page, select Mobile Networks option which can be located at bottom right corner of this page depending upon devices OS version installed in your device.
  • Tap “Update Towers”: Once inside Mobile networks tab, scroll down until you find an Update Towers button and click on it ,It will prompt system to search nearby mobile towers available near area where you are currently located. It may take few minutes before completion so wait patiently till its done.
How To Update My Towers On My Verizon Phone?


Does * 228 Still Work for Verizon?

Yes, *228 is still one of the easiest ways to program Verizon phones. The process requires users to dial *228 (or *22803 for prepaid plans) and select option 2. Doing so will enable you to update your phone’s preferred roaming list, which helps it connect with the strongest signal in your area.

Additionally, on some devices this feature may also be used to check for software updates or reset connection settings. It’s important that you only use this number if instructed by a customer service representative or if prompted by an automated system message from Verizon Wireless.

How Do I Reset My Verizon Phone Signal?

If you are having trouble with your Verizon phone signal, there are several steps you can take to reset it. First, try performing a soft reset of the device by turning off the power and then restarting it. Additionally, turn Airplane Mode on and off again to give your device time to search for a new connection.

If that doesn’t work, try going into Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Networks and select “Reset” or “Network settings Reset” in order to restore network settings back to their default values. Finally, if all else fails, contact Verizon customer service for help in troubleshooting your device’s signal problem.

How Do I Send a Refresh Signal on Verizon?

To send a refresh signal on Verizon, start by dialing *228 from your phone. Then select “Send” or “OK” when prompted to complete the action. This will initiate an Over-the-Air (OTA) programming update that will register your device with the network and help optimize its performance.

It might take up to two minutes for the refresh signal to be sent and received, so you should wait until you hear a confirmation tone before ending the call. Additionally, this process may need to be repeated every few months as part of regular maintenance for optimal performance.

How Do I Refresh the Towers on My Phone?

If you’re looking to refresh the towers on your phone, it’s relatively easy. First, turn off your device and remove the battery if possible (not all phones have removable batteries). Then wait at least 30 seconds before replacing the battery and powering up the device.

After that, go into your settings and look for an option labeled “Cellular Network” or something similar. Select this option and then select “Network Refresh” or “Update Tower List”. This will force a search of available towers in your area, allowing you to connect with a different tower than what was previously selected.

Once complete, restart your phone to ensure everything is functioning properly again.

What Verizon Just Did To My Tower… AGAIN! Look Out For This! ????

Verizon Tower Update 4G

Verizon recently upgraded its tower network to 4G, allowing customers to access faster speeds and more reliable coverage. Customers with compatible devices can now enjoy download speeds up to 10 times faster than before, making streaming videos, downloading music and browsing the web a breeze. Additionally, Verizon has increased their LTE coverage area by over 300%, meaning that users have better coverage across much of the US.

With this update, you can expect even quicker response time for your favorite apps and services on your device!

Update Verizon Towers 5G

Verizon recently announced the expansion of its 5G Ultra Wideband network to more than 60 cities across the US. This new upgrade will bring improved coverage and faster speeds for both residential and business customers. Verizon is also working with local governments, businesses, and organizations to help them make the most of their 5G connectivity options.

With this update, Verizon continues to lead the charge in providing comprehensive wireless coverage throughout America.

Update Verizon Towers Android

Verizon recently announced an update for its Android towers, providing improved coverage and faster speeds. With this update, Verizon customers can expect better signal strength for their devices, increased reliability in the connection, and significantly quicker download times. Additionally, these updates will help with reducing latency when streaming video or playing online games.

To take advantage of these improvements customers should ensure they have the most up-to-date version of their device’s software installed on their phones.

Update Prl Verizon 4G Lte

Verizon recently rolled out an update to their 4G LTE network, offering improved data speeds and better coverage. The new PRL (Preferred Roaming List) enables Verizon customers to access 4G LTE service in more areas than ever before. By taking advantage of the latest advancements in technology, Verizon is able to offer faster download speeds, increased reliability and improved customer experience.

Customers should now be able to enjoy a smoother user experience with fewer dropped calls or lost connections when using their mobile devices on the 4G LTE network.


In conclusion, updating the towers on a Verizon phone is not as difficult as it may seem. It is important to understand the steps involved and ensure you have the latest version of your operating system. Following these simple instructions will help make sure that you are getting the best reception possible from your Verizon device.