How To Find Out The Model Number Of My Dell?

To find out the model number of a Dell laptop or desktop computer, first locate the Service Tag on the back or underside of your device. The Service Tag is typically 7-digit alphanumeric code. Once you have located it enter it in to Dell’s Support website.

You can also use the search box provided if you don’t know your service tag number. When prompted, select your product type and click “Submit”. This will bring up all specifications for that particular model including its model number.

Alternatively, look at any stickers on your machine as some models come with this information printed directly on them.

  • Check the original packaging – The model number should be printed on the sticker that is usually found on Dell laptop and desktop computers when you first purchased them.
  • Look at the back of your computer – On many Dell computers, there is a white label with an image of a lock and several numbers written in it located either directly behind or underneath the battery compartment door which will contain your model number.
  • Open up System Information – If you’re still unable to find out what model you have, open up System Information by pressing Windows Key + R (Run), type “msinfo32” into Run dialogue box, then press Enter or click OK. Your exact model name will be listed under System Model near the top of this window.
How To Find Out The Model Number Of My Dell?


How Do I Find Out What Model My Laptop Is?

To find out what model your laptop is, start by looking at the outside of the device. There should be a label on either side or on the bottom that contains information about the manufacturer and model number. This label can also include other details like serial numbers and product codes.

If you cannot locate this information, try checking your computer’s system settings for detailed hardware specifications. You can usually access these settings by opening up your Control Panel or System Settings menu in Windows, or navigating to About This Mac in Apple devices. Finally, if all else fails try searching online using keywords such as ‘laptop model’ followed by specific details of your device – e.g., brand name and operating system (OS).

What is the Command to Find the Model Number of a Dell Laptop?

The command to find the model number of a Dell laptop is “wmic csproduct get name, vendor”. This command can be entered into the Command Prompt on Windows machines. It will query the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and return information about your system’s hardware components, including its make and model.

The output should look something like this: Name: Inspiron 15 5000 Series; Vendor: Dell Inc. From this output you can easily identify which type of Dell laptop you are using.

How Do I Find the Make And Model of My Dell Monitor?

The easiest way to find out the make and model of your Dell monitor is to look on the back panel. Most monitors will have a label that includes the serial number, product name, and model number which can then be used for identification purposes. If you don’t see a label on the back or side of your monitor, try looking at any documentation that came with it when you purchased it – this should contain all necessary information regarding your device.

Additionally, some Dell monitors include their product name in power-on screens or even LED lights near ports that may help identify them as well.

How Do I Find the Model Number of My Dell Laptop Battery?

Finding the model number of your Dell laptop battery is easy. First, locate the product label on the underside of your laptop. Most labels are located in a corner near the rear of your device or just below the touchpad.

On this label you will find a barcode and other identifying information such as serial numbers, part numbers and model numbers. You should be able to identify which one is your model number as it will usually be formatted like “P/N” followed by a few digits or letters (e.g.: P/N 0928G3). Once you have identified your model number, use an online search engine such as Google or Bing to find compatible replacement batteries for your specific Dell laptop.

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How to Check Dell Laptop Model And Serial Number?

Checking the model and serial number of your Dell laptop is an important step in verifying system information for warranty claims, service requests, or general troubleshooting. You can find this information printed directly on the bottom of your laptop, usually near the product label or black sticker with white text. Additionally, you can also view this info by accessing System Information in Windows—simply open Start Menu > Settings > About to look at more detailed specs.

Knowing your model and serial numbers will ensure that you get accurate technical support and access any available updates for your specific device.

How to Find Laptop Model Dell

The best way to find out the model of your Dell laptop is by looking at the service tag or express service code. This can usually be found on the bottom of your laptop or under the battery, depending on which model you have. You can also use a tool like Dell’s System Detect program to scan for and identify your exact computer model.

Dell Laptop Model Number List

Dell offers a wide array of laptop models, each with its own specific model number. The model numbers are generally composed of letters and numbers that indicate the series, size, style and features of the particular laptop. For example, the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series is designated by the model number 5570.

By understanding how to read these codes you can easily identify which type of laptop you’re looking at when shopping for a new device.

Dell Model Number Lookup

If you need to find out the model of your Dell computer, laptop, tablet or other device, you can use the Dell Model Number Lookup tool. It is a convenient online resource that allows users to quickly and easily identify their devices by entering in various criteria such as service tag numbers or Express Service Code. The results will provide information about the product type, processor type and more.

This is a useful tool for those who need help determining what make and model their device is so they can go on to purchase compatible accessories or upgrade parts.


Finding the model number of your Dell laptop or device is an important step to take in order to ensure that you can get the most out of it. Whether you need to look up a warranty, find compatible parts and accessories, or just want to know what type of machine you have, knowing the model number will make all these tasks much easier. With this guide, we hope that now you have enough information and resources on hand for finding out the exact model name and number of your Dell laptop or device.