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How To Make Periods Bigger On Your Word Document?

Making periods bigger on your word document is a simple task. First, select the period you want to make bigger by double-clicking it with your mouse. Then, click the “Home” option at the top of the screen and select “Font”. A box will appear where you can change the size of font for that period […]

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How To Remove Section Breaks In A Word Document?

Section breaks are used to divide a document into sections and can be easily removed in Microsoft Word. To remove a section break, open the document you wish to edit. Scroll through the text until you reach the section break of your choice. Select it by double-clicking anywhere on the page or using your mouse […]

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How To Make An X Bar Symbol In Word?

Making an X bar symbol in Word is a simple process. First, open Microsoft Word and go to the Insert tab on the ribbon. Select ‘Symbol’ from the menu then scroll down until you find the ‘More Symbols’ option. Once there, choose ‘x-bar’ from among other symbols available for selection and click on it. The […]

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How To Do Strikethrough In Gmail?

Strikethrough is a formatting option that can be used to cross out text in an email. To do strikethrough in Gmail, first select the text you want to format by highlighting it with your mouse or keyboard arrow keys. Next, click the Format menu at the top of the screen and choose Strikethrough from the […]

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How To Call A Restricted Phone Number?

To call a restricted phone number, you will first need to contact the owner of the phone and ask them for permission to do so. You’ll need their approval before being able to make the call. Once you have obtained permission from the person who owns the restricted line, dial *82 followed by the 10-digit […]

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How To Check Your Balance For Assurance Wireless?

To check your Assurance Wireless balance, you will need to log into your My Account page. Once logged in, click on the “Balance & Usage” tab at the top of the page. This will bring up a summary of your account information and current usage data. You can also view details about any active or […]

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How To Find My Old Gmail Address?

To find your old Gmail address, start by logging into your Google account. Next, go to the Accounts and Privacy section of your profile where you can view a list of all the accounts associated with that Google account. Scroll through this list until you come across any email addresses associated with that account. If […]

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