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How To Download Embedded Flash Files?

To download an embedded Flash file, start by right-clicking on the link or object that contains the file. Select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As” and save the file to a location you can remember. Open your web browser’s settings menu and disable any plugins related to Flash content, such as Adobe Flash Player […]

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How To Find Page Numbers On Kindle?

Finding page numbers on a Kindle is easy. First, open the book you are reading and tap the middle of the screen to bring up a menu bar at the bottom of your Kindle display. Then select “Go To” from this menu. This will open a new window with several navigation options including Page, Location, […]

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How To Put Minutes On Someone Elses Tracfone?

To put minutes on someone else’s Tracfone, first you need to purchase a Tracfone airtime card. The amount of airtime purchased corresponds to the number of minutes that will be added to the phone. Once you have your airtime card, go to and sign up for an account if you do not already have […]

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How To Stop Constant Buffering On Streaming Video?

To stop constant buffering on streaming video, start by closing any other applications and programs running on your device. If you are using a wireless connection, try connecting to the Internet directly with an Ethernet cable instead. Additionally, look for settings in your streaming app that allow you to adjust the quality of the stream […]

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How To Set Up A Linksys Wireless Router?

1. Gather all the necessary materials (router, Ethernet cable, power adapter). 2. Place the router in an accessible location near your computer and any other devices you want to connect wirelessly. 3. Plug the router into a power outlet using the included power adapter and make sure it is powered on. 4. Connect one end […]

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How To Remove A Station From Pandora?

To remove a station from Pandora, start by signing into your account. Once logged in, select the My Stations option located in the navigation bar at the top of the page. All of your saved stations will be listed on this page. To delete a station, click on the Edit button next to that station’s […]

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