How To Transfer Data From Pc To Pc Using Usb Cable?

1. Connect both PCs using the USB cable. 2. On the source PC, open File Explorer and select the data you want to transfer. 3. Right-click on it and choose “Send To” followed by “Removable Device” (which is your target PC).

4. The selected data will be copied to your removable device (target PC) automatically after a few moments of transferring time depending on your file size/quantity of files being transferred. 5. Once the process is completed, unplug the USB cable from both systems and enjoy having your data in another system with ease!

  • Connect the two computers using a USB cable: Plug one end of the USB cable into one of the USB ports on each computer. Make sure that both sides are securely connected.
  • Open File Explorer/My Computer on both computers: Open up your file explorer window or My Computer on both computers to view all of the available drives and devices connected via USB.
  • Select which files you want to copy from PC-A to PC-B: Select all of the files that you want to transfer from PC-A (the source computer) and drag them onto an empty space within PC-B’s File Explorer (the destination computer).
  • Confirm whether or not you would like to move or copy these files: You will be prompted with a window asking if you would like to “Move”, “Copy”, or “Cancel” these actions when they have been dragged over. Choose either “Copy” or “Move” in order for them to appear on PC-Bs File Explorer Window after completion .
  • Wait for your items to transfer : Depending upon how much data is being transferred, it can take anywhere from several minutes up until an hour for everything selected in Step 3 above, depending upon its size and quantity as well as other variables such as any competing processes running at this time.

How to Transfer Files Between Two Windows PCs?

How to Transfer Files from Pc to Pc Using Usb Cable Windows 10?

Transferring files between two PCs using a USB cable is relatively easy in Windows 10. To start, plug one end of the USB cable into an available port on each PC, then open File Explorer on both computers. On the PC with the file you want to transfer, click and drag it onto the removable disk icon for your USB drive, located under This PC in File Explorer’s sidebar.

Once that’s done, eject your USB drive from the source computer and plug it into your destination PC; copy or move the file(s) as desired from there. When finished transferring files, make sure to safely remove (eject) your USB device before unplugging it from either machine!

How to Transfer Files from Pc to Pc Using Wifi?

Transferring files from one PC to another using WiFi is a great way to quickly and easily share data between devices. To begin, you will need both PCs connected to the same local network via an active internet connection. Once that’s done, use the built-in file sharing capabilities of your operating system (such as Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder) to locate and select the files you want to transfer.

Lastly, simply drag and drop them onto the other computer over the wireless connection and they’ll be transferred in no time!

How to Transfer Files from Pc to Pc Using Usb-C Cable?

Transferring files from one PC to another using a USB-C cable is fast and easy. All you need is a USB-C cable with both Type A and Type C connectors, plus two compatible devices that support the USB-C standard. Connect one end of the cable to a port on your source device and then plug the other end into your destination device.

Afterward, open File Explorer on both computers, select the file or folder you want to transfer, right click it, go to Send To > Removable Device (the name will depend on which version of Windows you’re running) > Select your destination drive > Click Copy/Move button. That’s all there is to it – once finished copying/moving data will be transferred between PCs!

How to Transfer Files from Pc to Pc Using Ethernet Cable?

Using an Ethernet cable is a quick and easy way to transfer files between two computers. All you need is an Ethernet cable, the two devices that are going to be connected, and both of their respective Ethernet ports. Once the cable is securely in place on each device, simply enable file sharing on both PCs, then navigate your way through folders until you find the file or folder that needs to be transferred.

After this step has been completed successfully, all you have left do do is drag-and-drop the desired file from one computer to another and voilà! Your files are now safely stored in its new home.

How To Transfer Data From Pc To Pc Using Usb Cable?


Can You Transfer Files between Two Computers Using a Usb Cable?

Yes, you can transfer files between two computers using a USB cable. The process is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is connect both computers with the USB cable and then use any file-sharing software or application such as Windows File Explorer on one computer to access the other computer’s hard drive.

From there, you can copy and paste files from one drive to another or drag-and-drop them for quicker transfers. With this method, transferring large amounts of data between two machines is fast and easy!

How Do I Transfer Everything from My Old Computer to My New Computer?

Transferring everything from your old computer to a new one is easy with the right tools and processes. First, you’ll need to back up all of your data on your old computer. This can be done by connecting an external hard drive or cloud storage service like Dropbox and dragging all of your important files onto it.

Once that’s complete, you’ll want to connect both computers together either through a wired connection such as Ethernet or wirelessly via WiFi. After they are connected, you can use programs like Windows Easy Transfer (for PCs) or Migration Assistant (for Macs) to transfer over all of the data from the old computer to the new one in just a few simple steps.

How to Transfer Files from One Computer to Another Using Usb Flash Drive?

To transfer files from one computer to another using a USB flash drive, first connect the USB drive to the source computer and copy the desired files into it. Once done, remove the USB drive from that machine and plug it in to the target computer. On this second machine, locate your USB device in File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (MacOS).

Now you can open up its contents and move or copy any of these files directly onto your target system’s hard disk drive. Finally, eject the USB device safely before unplugging it from your destination PC.

How Do I Transfer Data from One Computer to Another Using Lan Cable?

Transferring data from one computer to another using LAN cable is a relatively straightforward process. First, both computers need to be connected via ethernet cables; you can use either crossover or straight-through cables depending on the type of ports each machine has. Then, both machines should have their IP addresses set up and configured so they can communicate with each other.

Once that’s done, you’ll want to use Windows file sharing to transfer your data across the network; this will require setting up user accounts and passwords if you haven’t already done so. Finally, make sure the files are located in a shared folder or directory and accessible by both machines – then simply drag and drop them into the destination location! With these steps completed, you should have no problem transferring data between two computers over a LAN connection!


In conclusion, transferring data from PC to PC using a USB cable is a simple and effective way to move files between computers. It’s quick, easy, and inexpensive, making it one of the most popular ways to transfer information. With just a few steps and some basic knowledge of how computer hardware works, you can successfully copy your important documents or media files in no time!