How To Find Area 51 On Google Earth?

To find Area 51 on Google Earth, open the app and type in ‘Area 51’ into the search bar. Once you have done this, a pin will appear on the map that marks its exact location. Zoom in on the pin by scrolling with your mouse or using two fingers if you’re using a touch screen device.

You can now see all of Area 51’s features including military buildings and airstrips as well as some other interesting points nearby like an old nuclear test site and mysterious runways in the desert. Make sure to also check out any pictures taken from satellites which offer even more detailed information of this top-secret base!

  • Open Google Earth on your computer.
  • Type “Area 51” into the search bar at the top of the window and press enter.
  • A blue pin will appear on the map in Lincoln County, Nevada, which is where Area 51 is located.
  • Zoom in to get a closer look at the location by using either your mouse wheel or clicking on the + icon next to zoom level at bottom right of screen until you can see more detail around Area 51’s perimeter fence line and security checkpoints.
How To Find Area 51 On Google Earth?



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How Do I Find Area 51 on Google Earth?

Area 51 is visible on Google Earth. To locate it, open the application and type “Area 51” in the search bar. Alternatively, you can zoom into a specific area of Nevada by typing its coordinates: 37°14’19″N 115°48’50″W.

Once you have reached that area, look for a large rectangular parcel of land surrounded by mountains. This will be Area 51 – an infamous military base located in the Nevada desert that has been shrouded in mystery since its existence was first revealed to the public back in 1955.

To Locate Area 51 on Google Earth, Search for “Area 51” in the Search Bar And Zoom into the Coordinates 37°14’06

0″N 115°48’40.2″W Area 51 is a mysterious and secretive military base located in the Nevada desert that has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories over the years. To locate it on Google Earth, simply search “Area 51” in the search bar.

You will then be taken to coordinates 37°14’06.0″N 115°48’40.2″W which marks the location of Area 51 within Lincoln County, Nevada. Zoom into this area and you should see a large airfield with various buildings and what appears to be an air traffic control tower as well as other features such as roads, lakes and canyons surrounding it. It’s also important to note that although Area 51 is visible on Google Earth, access to its airspace is strictly prohibited by US military regulations so don’t get too close!

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You Should Be Able to See a Restricted Area Surrounding Groom Lake Air Force Base And Other Buildings That are Part of Area 51

Due to the highly sensitive nature of Area 51 and its surrounding buildings, it is not possible to view them from a distance. The area around Groom Lake Air Force Base is heavily restricted and manned by military personnel, making access virtually impossible for civilians. In addition, the airspace around this area is strictly regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), with aircraft prohibited from flying below 15,000 feet above ground level.

As such, any attempts to view Area 51 or other associated buildings will be unsuccessful due to the lack of public access and security measures taken in place.


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Is It Possible to View Images of Area 51 from Google Earth?

Yes, it is possible to view images of Area 51 from Google Earth. However, the images are heavily redacted and not very clear due to security purposes. The area is marked as a “restricted military zone” on Earth View maps so many features like roads and buildings are blurred out or simply removed.

Even though some interesting structures can be vaguely seen in the satellite imagery, any detailed or close-up views of Area 51 have been blocked off by the government.

Yes, You Can View Images of Area 51 from Google Earth Provided You Zoom in Close Enough As Much of the Area is Blurred Out Due to Security Restrictions Imposed by the Us Government Or Military Authorities Responsible for Managing This Base And Its Activities Directly Or Indirectly Related to It

You can try to find the base by entering coordinates in Google Earth, however only basic geographic features such as roads and nearby towns will be visible. If you zoom in closer, some of the buildings and structures may become visible but they are likely to be blurred out or hidden with trees. It is also possible to view images from satellites using a variety of services like Google Maps or Bing Maps; however these are usually lower resolution than those available on Google Earth.

Additionally, there are many online sources where you can view satellite imagery of Area 51 which have been taken over time, allowing for comparison and analysis of changes made at this location over time.

Area 51 secrets in google earth


In conclusion, it is possible to locate Area 51 on Google Earth. It is located in the Nevada desert and can be found by searching for “Groom Lake Road” or coordinates 37.2406° N, 115.8111° W. While most of the area appears empty, you may spot a few mysterious buildings if you look closely enough! Whether you are an alien enthusiast or just curious about this secretive place, exploring Area 51 on Google Earth can prove to be an interesting experience.