How To Do Strikethrough In Gmail?

Strikethrough is a formatting option that can be used to cross out text in an email. To do strikethrough in Gmail, first select the text you want to format by highlighting it with your mouse or keyboard arrow keys. Next, click the Format menu at the top of the screen and choose Strikethrough from the drop-down list.

The selected text will now have a line through it indicating that it has been crossed out. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to apply this formatting: For Mac users press “Command + Shift + X” and for Windows users press “Ctrl + Shift + X” after selecting the desired text. When finished, click “Send” on your email and your message will include whatever strikethroughs you’ve added while composing it.

  • Log in to your Gmail account: First, you will need to log in to your Gmail account. This can be done by entering your username and password into the login form on the website or through an app like Google Mail on iOS or Android devices.
  • Open a new message window: Once logged in, open a new message window by clicking the “Compose” button at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Add recipients and subject line: Enter in all of your desired recipients as well as a relevant subject line for this email message before proceeding further with formatting options.
  • Highlight text for strikethrough: Now highlight any text that you wish to apply a strikethrough style too within this email message draft window; this is typically used for words or phrases that are no longer applicable due to changes made after their initial inclusion within an email thread.
  • Select Format option from toolbar menu: With your desired text highlighted, select the “Format” option from the toolbar menu located above where you have been composing this email message; it should appear next to other formatting-related options such as bolding and italicizing certain sections of text.
  • Insert Strikethrough command : From here, locate and select the “Strikethrough” command which will cause any selected/highlighted portions of writing inside thisemail threadto immediately display witha horizontal linedrawntransverselythrough them – indicating theyare no longer applicableor validin regards tothesubject matter discussedwithinthismessagewindow.

How to strikethrough text in Gmail | 2022 Update?

How Do You Do a Strikethrough in a Gmail Email?

If you need to add a strikethrough effect to text in an email sent through Gmail, it’s simple. All you have to do is highlight the text and press ‘Ctrl + Shift + X’ on your keyboard or use the ‘Format’ menu at the top of your screen. The shortcut will produce a line through the highlighted text, giving it a strikethrough effect.

If you’re using formatting from another program like Microsoft Word, this may not work as expected so make sure all your formatting originates within Gmail if possible!

How Do I Make Strikethrough Text?

Strikethrough text, also known as strikethru or strikeout text, is a type of formatting that can be applied to words and sentences in digital documents. To make strikethrough text you will need to use an application with the ability to format your document such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. In these applications you can either select the ‘strikethrough’ option from the font options bar above your document or press CTRL+SHIFT+X on a Windows computer keyboard.

It is important to note that this functionality may differ slightly depending on which program you are using so refer back to their help documentation if necessary.

How Do I Cross Out Text in Google Calendar?

Crossing out text in Google Calendar is a great way to keep track of your events and tasks. To cross out text, simply select the event or task you would like to cross out and click on the “Format Options” button at the top of the calendar view. From there, choose “Strikethrough” from the drop-down menu that appears.

This will cause any selected text in your calendar to appear crossed out. You can also use this formatting option when creating an event or task by clicking on “More Options” before saving it.

What is the Shortcut for Strikethrough in Google Docs?

The shortcut for strikethrough in Google Docs is the same as Microsoft Word—press “Ctrl + Shift + X” on Windows or “⌘ + Shift + X” on Mac. You can also highlight the text you want to strike through, then click Format > Text > Strikethrough. This will create a line through your text, making it appear crossed out and unreadable.

Additionally, you can use the toolbar at the top of your document to access an icon that looks like a letter with a diagonal line going through it; this is the strikethrough button that will quickly format your selected text with one click.

Strikethrough Gmail Mobile

The strike-through feature on Gmail Mobile allows users to cross out text within emails, enabling them to quickly and easily emphasize points or indicate deleted passages without having to delete the entire message. This useful feature is available for both iOS and Android devices, allowing users of all platforms access to this convenient tool.

Strikethrough Text

Strikethrough text is a useful formatting tool that can be found in many applications such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs. It allows you to indicate deleted or outdated information by drawing a line through the relevant text. As well as being used to show deletions, it can also be used creatively for emphasis and decoration purposes.

Strikethrough text is easy to create – simply highlight the desired text and hit the “strikethrough” button (or use an appropriate keyboard shortcut).

Gmail Strikethrough Android

The great news for Android users is that the Gmail app now includes a Strikethrough feature! This new tool allows you to easily and quickly add a line through text in your emails, making it easier than ever to make corrections or call out important information. To access this feature on an Android device, simply open up the Gmail app and tap the ‘A’ icon located at the bottom right of your screen.

From here, select ‘Strikethrough’ from among other formatting options like Bold, Italics or Underline. Now you can start striking through text with ease!


In conclusion, figuring out how to do strikethrough in Gmail is an easy process and can be done with a few simple steps. Once you understand the basics of the toolbar and how to find it, it will be quick and easy for you to cross out text in any email that you write. Hopefully this blog post has provided enough information for readers to know exactly how they can use strikethrough when sending emails from their Gmail accounts.